About The Interactive Adpost Community

About The Interactive Adpost Community –

We hope you will join the ever-increasing and interactive Adpost community. The Development Team at Adpost is working hard to prepare for the introduction of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace some time around the turn of the New Year. As such, there may be many questions, concerns, and other considerations that members wish to raise.

To this end, while Adpost retains some presence on virtually all of the Social Media platforms, the need to create a more interactive environment was seen as both necessary and beneficial for the Adpost Community.

There are currently more than one million active users on the Adpost website. It is fairly well accepted that the majority of these users are generally more focused on Web2 type interactions, and there is a viable need to appease any concerns aroused by the introduction of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace.

There will further be an incremental introduction of the Web3 portions of the Adpost marketplace online, as has already commenced with the introduction of the AdPoint system, and the ability to pay for Premium features using AdPoints, making these premium options effectively free to Adpost community members.

In order for the implementation of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace to be successful, and to ensure the maximum benefit for the Adpost Community Members, it is hoped that an actual conversation can be ongoing between the teams at Adpost and you, the community members. Without you, the site cannot be successful.

What Is My Role In The Interactive Adpost Community

As a community member, the only thing we ask of you is that you continue to use Adpost Marketplace for your buying and selling needs. Whether you want to continue posting free classifieds online or wish to enjoy the benefits of premium and featured ads, it is fine either way.

At the same time, Adpost is making a concerted effort to become more compatible with your individual needs, and to create a more user-friendly, interactive environment for your enjoyment in addition to your benefit. In order to accomplish this, Adpost needs to know what it is that you would like to see.

What features do you want for free classified ads online? You asked for the ability to upload photos, and we listened. Now, even free ads with photos are commonplace across the Adpost marketplace.

What paid features or other additional features would you like to see? The only way we can know for certain what you want to make your online shopping experience better is if you let us know.

What would you like to be able to do with AdPoints? Would you like the ability to buy and sell items with AdPoints? Should there be an ICO and an actual cash value attached to AdPoints? The only way this can happen is if you want it to happen.

If nobody is using the tokens or coins, they will rapidly lose value. If they have a practical application and good utility, they could raise in price. The Tokenomic system has been established but it only happens if you want it to happen.

The most important thing you can do as an Adpost Community Member is to make sure to register on Adpost and verify your email address so you can collect AdPoints. Adpost will never send you spam emails.

What Is The Difference Between Web2 And Web3 Communities

Adpost was originally built in the year 2000, the early phases of the interactive Web2.0 experience. There was no YouTube or Facebook, and few sites allowed people to actively engage with others at the time. The Adpost Marketplace online was not exactly revolutionary, but it was groundbreaking.

The Web3 community has gotten something of a bad rap of late, with many developers advocating for a push more directly into the Web5 community. Why Web5 and not Web4? Well, in truth, because the Web5 tech is merely an introduction of new technologies into the Web3 environment.

Despite its bad reputation gained by speculators and a few too many people locked in their homes during the Covid Craze, Web3 is an integral part in the next internet revolution. Speculators and bored people spending too much time locked up in their homes have given Web3 a bad rap.

The original Internet or Web experience was largely relegated to visiting the websites of companies and others who could afford to pay for expensive web pages. There were a few rudimentary chat programs from Yahoo and Microsoft, and of course from AOL. Then the internet began to open up as more users discovered its wonders, and proved willing to interact.

Web2 was all about facilitating the interaction of the users, and to allow users the opportunity to create their own content. In many cases, entire platforms were created for user generated content or UGC, and monetized with advertising on the websites. Some of those sites even shared the revenue.

Web3 moves Web2 into a decentralized environment where everything can be tracked and traced, but little can be censored or removed. Decentralized finance or DeFi, decentralized platforms, and the advent of Cloud technologies are driving forces behind successful Web3 technologies in common use online today.

What Is The Upcoming Adpost Web3 Marketplace

The Adpost Web3 Marketplace is a means by which the safest and best user experience can be expanded for users of the free ad services online. At the same time, there has to be some balance, as the average Adpost community members are primarily focused on Web2 technologies, and just looking for a great place to advertise stuff online.

The new Adpost Web3 Marketplace will be fully compatible with both levels of technology, continuing to facilitate the needs and wishes of the original community members. At the same time the Adpost Web3 Marketplace is making a space primarily for the younger generation and people online today who have different expectations and demands.

At present, the only real Web3 feature that is available, is the collection of AdPoints from Adpost. Despite being housed in a more centralized environment at present, these AdPoints still retain an actual cash value in terms of utility.

At present, that function is limited to the purchase of Premium Ad features making them essentially free for Adpost community members who just sign in on a regular basis. The next phase will see this expanded to allow Adpost community members to purchase Featured Ads options, effectively for free, using the AdPoints they can gain merely by signing in to their Adpost accounts.

Further Web3 options depend on the Adpost community members and what you decide you would like to have on site. The Adpost Tokenomics have been set up for those that would like to see an ICO. Efforts are under way to allow for the purchase and sales of digital products on the Adpost Web3 Marketplace.

There are even plans for the eventual establishment of a DAO should there be a sufficient number of community members who would like to be more active in their participation.

Can Web2 Users Still Use The Web3 Marketplace

Even for the original Adpost community members who have been actively using the website since its inception, there will be little change in how the online marketplace functions. The only real difference will be additional options allowing for sales and purchases to be made using wallets instead of cash or other payment processors.

There will also be additional sections included in the online marketplace, especially if the community members determine they want the option to buy and sell digital items. The Adpost NFT Marketplace beta version is already online. This will be more fully integrated into the standard marketplace, giving more options for people who wish to buy and sell or even trade their NFT or NFT collections.

None of that will have any detrimental impact on the ability of Web2 users to navigate the online marketplace. The only difference will be more options, and perhaps the ability to work and communicate directly, not only with the other Adpost Community Members, but also with the people working within the Adpost facilities.

As the global digital transformation continues, traditional and offline businesses will need to consider the need for change. In some cases a digital business model will be necessary to maintain existing customers. In other instances this will be necessary for the successful growth and expansion of more traditional and offline businesses.

Part of the reason that Adpost is focusing on the more interactive approach and direct communications with Adpost Community Members is to facilitate change. The Adpost Online Marketplace has been successful so far only because of the loyalty and commitment of the Adpost community members.

As a way to say thanks, and as a means to more directly serve you, Adpost has established different channels in order to more directly communicate and discover exactly what you want.

Will The Adpost Web3 Marketplace Still Allow Free Online Ads

Yes. Free is always good.

Where would a free classified marketplace be without free ads? Even sites like Craigslist who have gone full commercial recognize the need for and the benefit of continuing to offer free ads for their user base. The ability to post free ads at Adpost is the heart and soul of our business as it offers the most valuable service, especially for those who need it the most.

In addition to the ability to post free ads online, Adpost is also working on introducing other free features as well. This includes the Adpost blog with a news section where you can find all sorts of helpful information.

In the news section you can read helpful and informative articles about business, digital transformation as more companies move online, and other information relevant to business owners both large and small. There is also a host of valuable information and links to relevant resources to help you to better understand the world of Web3 technologies.

These articles also explain why, despite the recent shakeup, Web3 remains an imperative part of your digital business model and the successful transition of your online presence. A large number of speculators are crying about Web3 technology at present. NFT Artwork is no longer demanding multi-million dollar bids. Virtual real estate prices are dropping. Boohoo.

At the same time companies like IBM, Nike, Gucci, and other successful international corporations are implementing successful digital business models and proving the merit of these same technologies. If you are a speculator, perhaps you are currently in a state of mourning, and that would be understandable.

If you are interested in building a more comprehensive and successful business online, even if it is speculating, Adpost has information that can assist you in overcoming the digital and virtual hurdles.

What Are The AdPoint Tokens And Do They Have Any Monetary Value Or Utility?

And how do I get them if they have any real value? Do I have to buy them? Are they really completely free? Can I sell them? Can I trade them?

The Adpost AdPoints are in fact available free of charge, and they do have a measurable cash value. AdPoints can be gained by registering for an Adpost account and verifying your email address. You can get up to 20 points per day merely for signing in to your Adpost account. You do not even have to browse the ads, just sign in daily.

You can also get more free AdPoints by performing certain actions to help the Adpost community to grow. As the Web3 community grows, an affiliate program has been planned out, and if enough of the Adpost Community Members are interested, referrals through affiliate links and other means of sharing on social media will be rewarded.

As the Adpost community grows, and as the Tokenomics are implemented, the number of AdPoints that can be earned is gradually decreased so as to limit any artificial inflation of the value. This is imperative in the event that an ICO or Initial Coin Offering will be made, and the ability to trade AdPoints on the crypto exchanges becomes a possibility.

How Much Are AdPoints Worth In Cash Money

In one sense, the AdPoints are invaluable as they cannot be purchased, only earned by signing in to your website, and through additional actions. On the other hand, you can actually purchase Premium Ad features with your AdPoints, which prevents you from having to spend money out of pocket.

AdPoints Tokenomics have been established, though not finalized. There is a cap on the available number of AdPoints so as to ensure they will never lose more than their original cash value. At present, the AdPoints system is internal and on a centralized system.

Thus, the initial cash value at present is based on the cash value of what can be purchased, and the number of AdPoints required to make those purchases. Premium Ads generally cost just under ten dollars, and based on that, the current internal valuation by Adpost is ten cents (USD) per AdPoint.

It should be noted that this is an internal, centralized system for the Tokenization of AdPoints, and there is not at present, any program in place to allow for the buying or selling of AdPoints in exchange for fiat currencies or other tokens.

If and when the AdPoints are offered in an ICO, there will likely be an immediate bump in price, followed by a drop as the Crypto-Bots buy up all the new coins. After the initial period, the price should stabilize, and based on the Tokenomics model that has been constructed, their value should continue to increase for the foreseeable future.