Adpost Targets Merchants with Expanded Web3 Marketplace, Offering Escrow Payments for Secure USDT Transactions

Adpost Targets Merchants with Expanded Web3 Marketplace, Offering Escrow Payments for Secure USDT Transactions

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Adpost Targets Merchants with Expanded Web3 Marketplace, Offering Escrow Payments for Secure USDT Transactions

SINGAPORE, April 10, 2023/ — Adpost, a pioneering Web3 marketplace, announces the expansion of its platform, specifically targeting merchants seeking a seamless and secure environment for conducting transactions using USDT on the Polygon Network. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, Adpost guarantees trustless, secure transactions while incorporating a built-in escrow payment system for added protection.

Despite experiencing turmoil in 2022, when the cryptocurrency market crashed to below $1 trillion, it has since recovered and regained momentum, rising above $1 trillion again in the early months of 2023. This resilience demonstrates the enduring strength of the market. As a result, Adpost’s Web3 Marketplace is poised to accelerate the global adoption of decentralized technologies and digital currencies among merchants. By addressing the growing need for reliable crypto-based commerce solutions, the platform offers an unparalleled, user-friendly experience that revolutionizes online trading for merchants and their customers.

Adpost’s state-of-the-art platform enables merchants to sell a diverse array of items, from digital products like ebooks and software to physical goods such as electronics and clothing. By integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts, Adpost streamlines transactions to be fast, secure, and transparent, effectively reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

A key feature of Adpost’s merchant-focused Web3 Marketplace is its built-in escrow payment system. The system securely holds funds in a smart contract until the buyer confirms receipt of their purchase, ensuring that merchants deliver the product as promised. Once the buyer is satisfied with their purchase, the funds are automatically released to the merchant, offering an extra layer of security and fostering trust between all parties involved.

Adpost currently focuses on supporting USDT (Tether), and streamlining transactions for merchants and buyers in this popular digital asset. This targeted approach ensures a seamless and efficient e-commerce experience for all parties involved. As the cryptocurrency market evolves and diversifies, Adpost is committed to expanding its support for additional ERC-20 tokens in the future, continually adapting to meet the changing needs of its growing user base while fostering a more inclusive and versatile online commerce environment.

In addition to its robust escrow system, Adpost Web3 Marketplace will be offering a decentralized reputation management system that allows users to rate and review their transactions. This innovative feature fosters a strong community of trust and accountability, helping buyers make informed decisions while incentivizing sellers to maintain high-quality products and services.

Adpost’s Web3 Marketplace is built on the Polygon Network, a prominent scaling solution for Ethereum that is designed to deliver a high-performance, low-cost infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. By harnessing the benefits of the Polygon Network, including its fast, secure, and energy-efficient architecture, Adpost offers an unparalleled e-commerce experience that capitalizes on the advantages of decentralization. Users can expect reduced transaction fees, enhanced privacy, and improved data integrity while enjoying a seamless and efficient online marketplace.

The Adpost team is comprised of experienced professionals from the fields of blockchain, e-commerce, and software development, who are dedicated to driving innovation and growth within the digital marketplace space. Adpost’s vision is to become the go-to platform for merchants and consumers seeking a secure, efficient, and transparent solution for buying and selling items using their preferred digital assets.

To celebrate the launch of Adpost Web3 Marketplace, the platform is offering a limited-time promotion for both new and existing users. Sellers will enjoy reduced transaction fees for the first three months, while buyers can take advantage of exclusive discounts on select items. This promotional campaign aims to attract a diverse community of users and kickstart the growth of Adpost’s vibrant, decentralized marketplace.

Looking ahead, Adpost plans to continuously improve and expand its platform by incorporating user feedback and introducing new features and functionalities. Some of the upcoming developments include a mobile application for seamless on-the-go transactions and integration with popular e-commerce platforms.

The launch of Adpost Web3 Marketplace marks a significant milestone in the evolution of e-commerce, blending the advantages of blockchain technology with the convenience of online shopping. As the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies continues to accelerate, Adpost is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of digital commerce.

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