How To Earn Money Playing With Toys

How To Earn Money Playing With Toys

Is it possible to get rich if you focus on how to earn money playing with toys? Truth be told, you probably are not going to get rich playing with the toys, though some people have managed to make a good living with E-Sports and playing video games. That aside, there is good money to be found buying and selling used toys if you know what you are looking for and can set aside some time to do a little research.

Learning how to earn money with toys is ideal for people on the road. Once you figure it out, how to earn money with toys is an excellent option for the digital nomad lifestyle and for those making money while traveling the country. The toys are often relatively small and lightweight, and will not take up a lot of space, even in a camp trailer where space may be substantially restricted.

There are collectors in just about every field, so one of the good things is that even if you are buying mostly old junk, you may be able to find a collector somewhere that wants it for their collection. However, if you can avoid the bad deals and focus instead on the more valuable toys, you can reduce the time you spend looking for old goodies, and focus on increasing your income. While you may not get rich, you can still earn some extra money with those old toys.

​What To Look For When Shopping For Toys

NIB, Like New Condition, Slightly Used, and Used are all terms used to describe the condition of the toys you buy and sell. NIB is short for New In Box, and is the ideal condition for any toy you can find. If you can find older toys that are still in their original container, and that container is still sealed, you have pretty much ensured that it can be sold at a profit so long as you purchase it carefully.

There are many different old toys that you can buy and sell online, not the least of which are Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Small cars can be valuable, not because you are likely to get rich from any single sale, but because they can generally be had fairly cheap, it is common to find them in their original packaging, and there are even occasional jewels that will sell for tens of dollars, which is really not bad for something you can likely pick up in a box full for less than the cost of the one toy car to your buyer.

Any of the old push pedal cars, tractors, and other similar kid-powered kid toys will be fairly consistent in terms of retaining a good resell value. This is especially true with some of the more commercial and other familiar names. If you can find one of the old John Deere pedal tractors, even if you have to pay a few hundred dollars for it, they can sell for thousands of dollars if they are in the right condition and you have found a collector and not just a dealer.

One form of old toy that may seem particularly odd in terms of collections, are virtually any of the old boxed game sets. Mind you, if you do happen to come across one of the old Atomic Energy Lab Kits, not only is it quite valuable, but make sure the Uranium is still packaged or gone, or these “toys” can also be quite deadly.

Toys That Are New In The Box

If the boxed sets are still in their original box, and still complete, even if the box is old and worn, they can still be very valuable additions to old toy collections. It should be noted though, that it may be difficult to gather enough information about all of the individual boxed toys and games for kids all the way back through their history, but you can research enough information online to figure out at least whether they are mostly complete.

Action Figures used to be of only nominal value, with the one real exception being the Ken and Barbie dolls which seem to have been magically capable of becoming more valuable instantly after they were purchased, so long as they remained in their original packing anyhow.

Thanks to the combined effort of Hollywood and injection molding, or some other combination of similar technologies at least, action figures seem to have flown sky high in terms of pricing. If you can find action figures from popular movies, original Ken and Barbie dolls, original GI Joe, or virtually any other action figure still new in the box, you may very well have hit the proverbial jackpot for buying and selling old toys online.

​Can I Restore Old Toys And Increase Value

If you find an old plastic, vinyl, or rubber action figure, it may be tempting to just grab an old wet towel and wipe it down, to clean it up some before you try to sell the toys for a profit. That old John Deere Pedal tractor would look so much better with a little naval jelly, some sandpaper, a little hard work, and a new paint job.

After all, you want it to look all pretty and shiny and new so the toy collectors are willing to pay a higher price right?

An improper restoration can literally take an item worth thousands of dollars or more, and effectively make it worthless except in term of value as a curiosity, or better still, a reminder of what never to do when you are buying and selling any kind of antiques. Even something so simple as breaking off the loose flecks of paint or just a touch of sanding to get rid of those sharp edges on the rusty corners can destroy the value of antique toys.

Most people probably never think twice about allowing their change to jingle in their pockets, or to wipe the wet coins off before dropping them into a slot, but if you were dealing with old coins, wiping them down with a wet or dry cloth can both destroy the value of the coins.

The same thing is going to be true in terms of toys as well. Whether it is a soft and plushy toy, a stuffed animal, or the toughest toy of all in the Tonka Truck, no efforts should be made to clean or restore the toys. When you are able to find collectors that are interested in those particular toys, they should know some people who are much more capable, and who can clean the toys without destroying any of their remaining value.