How To Find The Best Deals At Yard Sales

How To Find The Best Deals At Yard Sales

Can you earn money online with yard sales and free classified ad websites online? If you are going to learn how to earn a living online buying and selling collectible items, there are very few places that are better for finding great bargains than yard sales. While this is strictly an opinion, it is probably safe to assume that the average homeowner is not going to be an expert in antiques, toys, comic books, furniture, or other collectibles, much less being an expert in all of those areas where there is the opportunity to earn lots of money buying and selling them online.

If you are going to try to find a million dollar book that you can buy for just a few dollars, you are not going to get the best deal by going to a rare book collector and making a purchase from them. Similarly, you are not going to find a cheap 1700s roll-top desk at a rock bottom price from the local antique store.

If however, you find that old, beat-up, black, antique roll-top desk at a yard sale, and you notice the pieces missing, and the spots that are a little more worn than others, you may even be able to get a still better price at the end of the day. Just because you know that black “paint” is actually a patina, and you know that the lack of any screws, and the use of tabs cut into the wood indicates that this in fact a rare and valuable antique, does not mean you should be denied the opportunity to haggle and bargain for a better price.

If you want to be capable of consistently buying things for a low price so that you can sell items online and earn a living from home, you will have to become at least something of an expert, and deal with others who are not. If you do not purchase those collectible and rare items, someone else will, and if they are not an expert, they could very well destroy both the historical and monetary value of the items.

​Where To Find The Best Yard Sales

With all due respect (and much love) for our more rural citizens, your chances of finding a million dollar yard sale deal will increase proportionately with location. As great as the beer and barbecue may be, and as beautiful as the women may be, and as awesome as the trucks are, if you are going to visit Bubba’s Trailer Trashed Mobile Home Park, you may not find the same number of valuable collectibles that you would in a community yard sale.

Now it is important to note here, not only that I grew up in a very small town, but also that there is still a chance for some awesome finds. Much of my Grandfather’s collection remains in the Smithsonian to this very day, and some of the tools and equipment both my dad and grand dad handed down through the generations were in fact very valuable.

With that in mind, the chances that you will find these objects for sale at a yard sale in a more rural area is lower, not because they do not exist, but because these are practical people, and so long as it still functions, they are very likely to still be using it. If it does not work, they or someone they know are probably in line to fix or repair those “antiques” so they can put them back to work.

Conversely, the community yard sales in the gated communities may not be quite so concerned with checking the value of all the “excess junk” they are moving out of their homes, and it tends to be much easier to find rock-bottom prices on valuable items in these areas. This is especially true for older families whose children have grown up and moved away, emptying out their spaces for offices or other renovations.

​What To Look For At Yard Sales

These types of families will often have comic books, books, toys, and other items from when their children were young. These types of items will rarely be the next million dollar garage sale discovery, but they can be a very good way to generate a stead income buying things locally and selling them to collectors online.

If you can find any old toys that are still in their original boxes, even if they may be slightly worn, this can increase the value and your potential for profits. If you can find comic books that introduced new characters, or old comic books that are no longer in production, you may be able to increase the chances for that next big score.

Most furniture that is twenty to thirty years old will not be exceptionally valuable, though there are instances where it may be. Some of the furniture their children had when they were young may also be gifts from grandparents or others, and may be even more valuable. It is challenging to know what you will find at these large scale yard sales, especially in the more financially well-off sections of town.

​How Do I Prepare For Buying At Yard Sales And Selling Collectibles Online

There are so many places that you can begin to do research that it is challenging to narrow it down, or to know where to begin. Very few people have the capacity to become an expert on everything. Still, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about as many of the things you will be looking for as you are able to in a reasonable amount of time.

Care should be taken as well to ensure that whatever you do discover, you also do your best to verify that the information is valid, at least to the best of your ability. This is especially true when even the formerly ubiquitous and infallible Encyclopedia Britannica, online can be edited by whoever happens to sign up for a free account.

​Should I Restore Collectibles Before I Sell Them Online

The short answer is “NO!” The long answer would generally include a word generally not suitable for mixed company, emphatically placed before the “no”. However, since this is in fact a family friendly website, we will refrain from cursing in an offensive manner.

Something so simple as wiping the dust and dirt off an old coin by swiping it down your pants can actually decrease the value. Scraping that old black paint off an antique desk or chair, never even knowing that the paint is actually a patina developed naturally over the course of hundreds of years, can literally remove tens of thousands of dollars in value from some items.

If you believe that you have made an exceptional find, try to get it home first. Then try to get it appraised online or by local experts in whatever field it may fit.