How To Learn The Language Of Successful Sales Online

Successful sales online is not by any means an easy task, but neither is it an impossibility either. Build it and they will come? Yeah. Good luck with that. Google currently has an estimate fifty billion web pages from an estimated 1.13 billion websites indexed. Surprisingly perhaps, the reality is that this comprises less than five percent of all online content.

Allow the author, for one moment please, to engage in an analogy and to present the concept as food for thought in terms of a comparison. How many pieces of gravel does a truck driver hit when they drive down a gravel road? A lot, more than likely. Yet they are going to miss far more gravel than they ever hit. Throw an extra piece of gravel into the road and even if you place it well, it may never have any impact with the passing traffic.

In truth, your website, and most of your online efforts are no more consequential than that added piece of gravel tossed into the midst of a well traveled gravel road. In most cases, the gravel will never be directly visited. This is true unless you take advantage of virtually every tool at your disposal. However, as is always the case, in order to properly use those tools, it is important to understand them, and how and why they work the way that they do.

What if you could eliminate more than 99% of all competition online? That is not just your direct competition, but eliminating 99% of all content online off the map in terms of search engine results and placement on the search results page. In theory, it is easy, but in practice there are many factors to consider.

Eliminating Online Competition Through Strategic Translation

According to the Web3Techs website, at the time of this writing, there are only thirteen languages used for online content that individually comprise more than one percent of online content. At the same time, there are an estimated 83 languages spoken by more than ten million native speakers. This does not however, include the roughly three hundred languages that have between 1 and 10 million people.

As we enter the “new normal” and the digital revolution increasingly becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it is important to note these details. As an online retailer or online ecommerce entrepreneur, building your electronic empire, you have to be prepared to compete with the big boys online, and they are not going to make it easy for you.

The statistics that were laid out in the opening paragraph of this section indicate that there remains a vast gap online, though the internet, like nature, abhors a vacuum, and this too will soon be remedied and disappear as it is swallowed up by the major players online. Fortunately, there is already a viable solution in place for the average online entrepreneur, but it will take some work.

The first and most obvious solution would be to translate your website into roughly three hundred and eighty-five different languages, and to find an ecommerce payment processor that functions with literally every currency in the world. While that would certainly be an effective solution, it would also probably entail more work than it was worth.

In order to maintain a more reasonable stance, consider first, the prevalence of language in terms of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Understanding Language In SEO Terms

When online advertisements are written in English, they are effectively buried in the midst of more than 54% of online content. This means that Google has to search, infer, and understand your website well enough to place it in a relevant rank for the selected categories as determined by Google. Normally, they are pretty good at this.

When someone searches Tiger Woods, the results are generally related to golf however, and may not be so relevant for the artisan or activist seeking out information or creating a website about tigers living in the woods. In short, like that proverbial piece of gravel, even the best and most well-researched information on a relevant website may be buried by things totally unrelated. Welcome to the age of information algorithms.

What would happen to that very same website if it were created in a language utilized by less than one percent of all content online? Even better perhaps, remembering that even Google has indexed only about four percent, and certainly less than five percent of all content online, less than one percent of all the information indexed by Google?

Google is not by any means the only search engine, but it is utilized by more than eighty percent of people online, so it does seem to be the most relevant at this stage of the technology revolution. You have, by simply focusing on a single translation, now eliminated more than ninety-nine percent of all online competition, not just in your selected niche, but in the entire realm of online content.

This single, relatively simple translation, may now virtually guarantee you a place on the front page of the SERP or Search Engine Results Page at least in your niche, and perhaps in additional areas as well.

Guaranteeing Front Page SERP Results

Granted, if someone is trying to offer you a guarantee that you are going to get the front page, or the number one spot in Google, they are either lying, or targeting very easy keywords that are often totally unrelated to anything that will help you increase online sales. The simple inclusion of a word that does not exist in any dictionary will easily bring your website up as the number one result on the SERP, but how does that increase your business in any way?

If nobody is searching for the search terms you rank well for, it will neither assist in gaining more traffic for the website, nor result in any increase in sales. The truth is that there can be no meaningful guarantees in terms of SERP pages and your ranking for those keywords you are working so hard to pwn or own if you prefer.

However, even if you are selling the same item as every English speaker online, if you could include a viable product description and sales materials in one or more of the languages comprising less than one percent of all content online, it would greatly increase your potential for sales. That is not a guarantee that you will get more sales, of course, but it does increase your chances.

People living in Siberia may see all those ads you have for your amazing new freezer technology, but they may still not see the need to go out and purchase a freezer they do not need, with money they do not have. It remains very important to consider the market demographics before putting forth such an effort. However, you can and should greatly increase brand visibility with the proper SEO and language efforts in place.

Increasing Potential Customer Bases By Hundreds Of Millions

Again, reverting to the Statistics revealed earlier in this article, there are roughly thirteen languages “prevalent” on the internet, which leaves approximately seventy languages to choose from with very little competition and more than ten million potential customers each.

Add in the three hundred additional languages, and even if they only have one million native speakers each, that is still a potential three hundred million more potential customers, with very little competition. Collectively, that adds up to at least a billion potential new customers for your website. (Yeah, if that piece of gravel you tossed into the roadway could feel those truck tires, it would be starting to get nervous about now)

Even in the many instances where people do speak multiple languages, they will, by nature, prefer to read reviews and other information in their own language. There are countless online studies that show an increase in foreign sales, but preference is almost always given to those vendors who have catered to the local needs of their target demographic.

This specific targeting of their demographic base is done using the principles of globalization and localization. This is to say that even while pursuing a global market, there are efforts made on the website translations, and in the advertising, to utilize more localized iconography, vernacular, and other particular details that are more readily associated with the local areas.

Add in the ability to speak to your customers in their own language, and combine that with the ability to accept payment in their own currency, and there is a winning combination for online sales. Still, that often requires a great deal of work in order to make all that happen on a single website, at least until you reach the end of this article it has anyhow.

Increasing Sales With A Foreign Customer Base And Foreign Currencies

According to the massive online Shopify website, people are far more inclined to purchase products they can read about in their own language, and that they can purchase in their own currency. Online payment processors have improved greatly since the early days of Paypal and other online payment processors and the more expensive merchant accounts.

Still, it can be challenging to find any single payment processors that can handle virtually all the currencies of the modern world. Even with modern technology, such a challenge is difficult to overcome. There are some offline solutions such as Western Union, which is available online, but remains a physical location for final transactions.

Unfortunately, these offline solutions are far too frequently indicative of scams. Whether it is scammers requesting payment in full before they will send an item they do not possess, or people offering to pay more than the asking price, and requesting payments of “their change” be wired back to them or sent via some other offline solution.

All these challenges are going to add to the difficulties of actively engaging in a successful ecommerce venture online. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the technology revolution, the digital revolution, or the movement of a global society into an online realm, is the fact that there is now a virtual world of people all working collectively to discover, create, and implement long-term and meaningful solutions to all these challenges. One of the first challenges that needs to be overcome is the ability to ensure safe and secure transactions in the modern world where it sometimes seems like there are more scammers than legitimate businesses and buyers online.

How To Ensure Safe And Secure Online Transactions

Keeping online transactions safe and secure can be a challenge, but is certainly not an impossibility. If you already have a website, you probably understand this all too well. For those people just now moving into the “new normal” and who are literally forced online for work, and even for their shopping and entertainment, some help is definitely in order.

The Adpost online marketplace offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity to communicate directly. While this is not in and of itself a guarantee against scams and scammers online, it does help to give the buyers and sellers the capacity to root out any red flags and to ensure that the online deals they engage in are the real deal.

The ability to connect directly also includes the ability to allow for online buyers and sellers to engage with apps like Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, or other video conferencing tools. In this way, the buyer can see the items in hand, and the sellers can ensure they are dealing with a real person. Again, it may not be a guarantee, but it should get rid of many of the scammers when both parties to the online transactions engage with at least a modicum of caution, and maybe even a small dose of skepticism until the deal is finalized.

This process is even more protective for both parties when they elect to engage in transactions using digital currencies to purchase items online. The use of the digital currencies option further introduces the Web3 Escrow Services made available for digital currency purchases online through the Adpost website. In this way, any monies paid to the seller will not be delivered until the buyer has received the product, and the delivery has been recorded. The secret is finding someone to do the hard work.

How To Use AI For The Heavy Lifting

As has been noted, using the Adpost Swap Now feature, the buyers and sellers can enjoy the added protection of the Web3 Escrow Services available only on the Adpost digital currency marketplace online. Still, that does virtually nothing to actively engage users in dozens of different languages. Fortunately, there is an additional solution that is just as easily implemented.

Well, if truth be told, this one will take some work on your part, but again, if it helps to eliminate more than ninety-nine percent of all competition online, how much is it worth to you? The good news is that it will not cost you financially, though the more equity invested, the better your potential returns will be, and in this case it refers to what is more commonly known as “sweat equity”. That is to say it is more an investment of time than money.

You can now create your very own free chatbot on the Adpost online marketplace. It will take some additional training, but you can easily teach the chatbot how to know as much about your products as you do. As an added benefit, when queried in any language it understands, the Chatbot will respond in the very same language.

As time goes on and the technology is perfected, it may become a bit easier to learn how to train your chatbot. For the time being, it still potentially puts you at least one step ahead of the big international websites, at least to some degree. You will still need to create your advertisements in the respective languages, and ensure your customers know how and where to query your chatbot, but once you have that mastered, the rest should be relatively, or at least comparatively easy.

How To Turn This Knowledge Into Sales And Success

In order to maximize the potential results from the Adpost free chatbots online, and the digital online marketplace and swap shop online, it is highly recommended that you actively engage in split testing, and continue that for so long as you run your online electronic empire.

Split testing is the act of running two campaigns at any given time, for a set period of time, and examining the results of your operations at the end of that test period. The campaign that is performing better should be kept, and the less successful campaign can be put to the side, though it may not always be wise to discard these.

Certain campaigns will always work better at more specific times of the year. These may include holiday specials or other subject matter that is trending at a specific time for a specific reason. If the trending subject matter is a one-off occurrence, the campaign can likely be discarded, but if it is a recurring event, it may be good to keep those successful campaigns on the back burner to bring to the front only when the time is right.

Introduce and create moving ads in different languages, and as much as we would love for you to stay with Adpost, it may even be a good idea to keep posting the multilingual ads on numerous free online classified ad websites. Just make sure the customers have the ability to actively engage with the chatbots to ensure they get accurate results in their own language, and have the ability to pay securely using digital currency online.

Build It And They Will Come

As is always the case, building a business online is every bit as challenging and requires just as much dedication and devotion as building a brick and mortar establishment. However, working online provides you with many new benefits at the same time, and at the forefront of this, is the ability to completely eliminate vast swathes of your competitors without ever crossing their paths. At Adpost, we want only to help you succeed, as our success depends on your success.

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