Internet Scammers Gonna Scam – Buyer Beware

Internet Scammers Gonna Scam – Buyer Beware –

Internet scammers are going to continue scamming people so long as people are prone to falling for their scams. Can anyone be convinced that the Amazon or Microsoft police department is conducting a super-secret investigation, and only you can help them to catch the criminal mastermind, and all you have to do is to purchase and share a few five hundred dollar gift cards to do your part?

Sadly, yes. Literally billions of dollars are lost annually to these scammers. Worse still, most of the victims are elderly or otherwise limited, and are the ones in a position least able to deal with the financial losses. This does not even begin to explore the psychological trauma and lasting damage these scammers foist upon their victims.

Okay, so maybe you are not one of the people subject to internet scammers, and you are to be applauded for that. Maybe you are one of the people who does not need help avoiding the internet scammers that pose as businesses or otherwise hide behind a seemingly legitimate front. Even if you are not however, there are many people who are.

Numerous studies and research has been conducted, and the final tally looks like about one in every ten people will fall prey to internet scammers or other online tomfoolery. Even if you are not the one being taken advantage of by internet scammers, perhaps you can assist your friends and maybe help someone else along the same path.

Unfortunately, the practices of these internet scammers are not limited to the Adpost free online marketplace. There are many sites like Craigslist where the scams are so prevalent, entire websites are devoted to their scams. It may not be a bad idea to review some of those websites, just to see how internet scammers operate.

What Are The Most Common Scams On Adpost

Internet scammers are just like any other business people, at least to a more limited degree. Computer hackers do not necessarily target Windows operating systems because it is any more vulnerably. Computer hackers attack Windows because it is the most popular operating system in use at the moment.

The Adpost internet marketplace is a popular website. Ideally, it will grow even more popular as the interactive Web3 Marketplace is integrated and a more interactive Adpost community can be built up. MAC and Linux computers can be hacked as well, but are not as frequently targeted simply because the operating systems are used by a smaller number of people.

Sites like Craigslist are more prone to having internet scammers simply because more people are using the site on a daily basis. Just as is the case with computer hackers, internet scammers do not avoid the smaller sites, but they are, for whatever it may be worth, less prevalent on sites like the Adpost free classified ads website.

Based on some twenty years of experience, it seems that the favorite target for internet scammers on Adpost is the classified ads for pets online. More precisely, it may be the people buying pets online who are most often the subject of interest for the internet scams on Adpost. The interesting point is why this would be such a desirable market.

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family, and are often quite bereaved upon the death of their pets. This may put them in an emotionally vulnerable state, even while seeking to replace that which has been lost. Most people believe that virtually everyone is honest, but the internet scammers will always be around to prove them wrong. This is especially true for a large group of people buying pets online.

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed On Adpost And Other Sites Like Craigslist

There is an old adage “Trust but verify” and this fits very well in the context of internet scammers and being taken advantage of on the sites like Craigslist and here on Adpost. While that may be a long and drawn out process, and may seem like the responsibility of the website, it really is up to the buyer to do their due diligence.

How many people take an auto mechanic with them whenever they purchase a used vehicle? How many people run the VIN number through the numerous government, police, and other databases to determine the actual history of the used car for sale?

Yes, many people do conduct some research, but far more do not. As a result, they may be taken advantage of, not by internet scammers in those cases, but by unscrupulous salesmen who are little better when judged by some.

Unfortunately, Adpost is not in any better position to go through literally tens of thousands of ads one-by-one than Craigslist is. There are however, numerous articles about common scams and how to avoid them, and ways to report any suspicious ads or other activity that may even hint at internet scammers using the Adpost platform to take advantage of Adpost community members.

Every page has a direct link to contact Adpost Support for assistance, and literally every advertisement on the website has the means to be reported by other Adpost users. It would be great if people would actually let Adpost know when they suspect that internet scammers are using the free online marketplace.

In order to do that successfully, it is necessary for Adpost community members to understand the basics of verification and research, and to be able to more easily detect internet scammers when they raise their ugly heads, online or off.

How Can I Verify Buyers And Sellers On Adpost

Since vehicles and pets seem to be among the favored targets for internet scammers, those will be the classified ads sections used to introduce buyers and sellers to some basic research techniques. There is no need to conduct an expansive background check on businesses or individuals, but there may be a little homework.

In terms of pets, it is illegal in most places for anyone other than a licensed or certified dealer to sell pets online. This generally means the pet shop will have their own website, a physical location, and other information which can be easily verified.

Remember also that it is not enough to verify that the shop exists, verification that the free online ad actually is from that pet shop or car dealership, or any other store marketing online. Just because somebody has the same logo and address, does not mean that is the point of origin.

Ideally there will be a website, and this should have contact information. Also, do not trust that the website address or contact email on the ad is from the website. Always independently verify the information.

Use Google or another search engine to look for the real website, use the contact information from the website, and verify that the free online ad you are looking at is legitimate. It can be difficult to believe that internet scammers would go so far as to copy an entire website.

Despite this, the fact remains that this is a common practice for many internet scammers. Verifying the website and contact information using a reputable search engine can help you avoid becoming the next victim for these internet scammers. Minor changes can even make the URL look the same with internet scammers using 1 in place of l, or even Cyrillic characters. Trust, but verify!