The Importance Of Shopping Online With COD

The Importance Of Shopping Online With COD –

What is the importance of shopping online with COD? What is COD? Are you sure? Adpost is continuing to work on the implementation of new Web3 technologies in order to increase the ability of community members to enjoy a safer and more online shopping experience. As the old adage goes however, build a better mouse, and someone will come along with a better mousetrap.

How Do I Ensure Buyer And Seller Protection With Online Transactions

No matter how safe and secure the online shopping experience is made, there are creative, innovative, and even malicious scammers and blatant thieves. These people are constantly looking for new and improved ways to take advantage of online shoppers.

For better or for worse, the Adpost Eclassifieds and Marketplace can only ensure the online transaction is as safe as possible. At the end of the day, there are still many things that people buying and selling things online can do to remain safe. Not only is there a need for the Buyers and Sellers to remain safe, but there is an additional need to ensure that the overall transaction remains safe.

It should be noted that there are many issues beyond the reasonable control of sites like Craigslist, Adpost, and any other online eclassifieds website or marketplace. That being said, Adpost can provide online Buyers and Sellers with some basic information to assist in ensuring a safe and secure online shopping experience.

In this article, Adpost is introducing ways to avoid the most common scams, blatant theft, and other common challenges of shopping online. While there will always be scammers to some degree, the Adpost community members deserve to remain safe online. Once the transaction is completed, this becomes a responsibility that must remain under the supervision of the Buyers and Sellers themselves.

What Are The Two Types Of COD

There are two variants of COD that are going to be considered in regards to making for a safer online shopping experience with Adpost. The first is a relatively simple concept known as Cash On Delivery and is designed to protect the buyer.

The other is Confirmation of Delivery to protect the Seller. There are actually three types of this COD that will be discussed herein. The first is in regards to digital products. The second is a simple indication from the delivery company that the package has been delivered. The third is through the requirement for a signature made by the individual receiving the package.

What Is Cash On Delivery

The idea of shopping online with COD as it is generally accepted is for ordering something using Cash On Delivery where payment is made at the time of delivery. In most respects, this is a means to protect the buyer as it ensures the product will be delivered. Not only will the product be delivered, but there will be someone there to receive the item when it is delivered.

In this regards, shopping online using COD as Cash On Delivery serves to protect both the buyer and the seller. If there is any challenge for this, it is in the fact that the money being delivered to the seller only occurs after such a time as the item is delivered. This is for the most part, little more than a minor inconvenience when compared to the additional security of these types of transactions. The process of shopping online using COD also provides additional benefits to make buying things online safer as will be considered later in this article.

In the event that Cash On Delivery is a viable option, it may serve as the best means for both the Buyer and the Seller online to ensure that all the terms of the transaction have been completed by both parties. The idea of buying online using Cash on Delivery may be as close to an ideal solution as possible, at least in terms of physical products.

What Is Confirmation Of Delivery

Shopping online using COD as Confirmation of Delivery is a means to ensure that the items purchased are delivered and somehow or another confirmed as being delivered. Confirmation of Delivery is going to be exceptionally important for those using the internal Adpost Escrow service in their online transactions.

In the event that there is a dispute over items being delivered, the confirmation of delivery will prove that the Seller has fulfilled all of their respective obligations in terms of an online transaction. If there is no confirmation of delivery of the items, it is likely that any tokens from a Web3 Swap on the Adpost Marketplace will be returned to the buyer.

What Are The Three Types Of Confirmation Of Delivery

There are three different types of COD or Confirmation of Delivery that will be of interest to both the Buyer and the Seller in terms of both online Swaps in the Web3 Marketplace and for the traditional users just buying and selling things online.

At least a basic understanding of these concepts is relevant to anyone who wishes to make a living working from home or just earning money online.

What Is Email Or Digital Confirmation Of Delivery

Email confirmation of delivery is possible for both physical and digital products, and may be necessary in some cases where services are being bought, sold, or exchanged in the online Swap Meets or Marketplaces. The email confirmation may also be used for digital products, though there are additional means of ensuring that a digital or electronic product has been delivered as well.

Some of the major delivery services automatically send emails at the time of shipping and delivery. This does not serve to ensure that the Buyer will actually receive the goods even after they have been delivered. What it does do is to ensure that the Seller has in fact complied with at least the minimal requirements for the successful completion of a transaction.

There is very little benefit to the Buyer in terms of ensuring the products or services are delivered for the purchase or Swap involving physical goods online. The confirmation via email may indicate that a product has been delivered, but it cannot protect unattended packages to ensure that they are only received by the Buyer.

Digital Products or electronic goods and services may be verified by email but that is only one means of ensuring that the digital goods or services have been delivered. Server logs and screenshots may also serve as proof that an electronic or digital product have been delivered. Much of this may vary depending on the means of delivery.

Delivery Service Picture Proof Of Delivery

Many delivery services will provide picture proof of delivery. In the case of some international shipments, the photographic evidence must include both the package and the individual receiving the package. For most international and domestic delivery services, only the package needs to be included in the photographic evidence.

Again, this type of proof is sufficient for the online Sellers to verify that they have completely and successfully fulfilled all their obligations as an online Seller, and places the burden of proof on the buyer in the event of a dispute. If the Seller can provide photographic “evidence” that a product has been delivered, it will be difficult for the Adpost support team to judge in favor of the Buyer.

Signature Required For Delivery

The requirement of a physical signature to ensure that a delivery has been completed is perhaps second only to the Cash On Delivery option when it comes to providing complete protection for both Buyers and Sellers online. The requirement of a signature provides strong evidence that an actual person has accepted delivery of physical packages being delivered.

While there are protections for both the Buyer and the Seller with this method of shopping online using COD, the scales still tilt slightly in favor of the online Seller. It is still possible that the person signing for the package may not be the intended recipient. This is possible for any number of reasons, from deliveries to the wrong addresses to scammers who happened to be in the right place at the wrong time for the Buyer.

How Does COD Make Shopping Online Safer

When buying and selling or engaging in an online Swap meet or otherwise engaging in E-Commerce, it is imperative that the Buyer and the Seller communicate directly. This can be accomplished on the Adpost Eclassifieds and Swap Marketplace website.

A buyer merely needs to click on the “Reply to Ad” feature in order to open up a direct line of communication with the Seller. This allows both parties in a transaction to communicate directly, determine the best options, and then to conduct their exchange under terms that have been agreed to by both the Buyer and the Seller.

For better or for worse, the reality of E-Commerce is such that it largely favors the online Sellers, though there are steps that can be taken by the Buyer to ensure that they are equally well protected. The direct communication between the Buyer and the Seller also allow for both parties to look for any potential issues that may arise from the transaction, before the transaction takes place.

If a Seller is offering a product but cannot provide proof of the product, this should be an indication to the Buyer that something is wrong. There are plenty of video applications and other means to allow for an open video call between the parties to see the product, and ensure it is as claimed in the free online ads. This simple step ensures the Buyer that the Seller does in fact have the product they are offering for sale or for an online Swap.

Another step that should be considered and agreed upon by both parties is shopping online using COD as described herein. Care should be taken however, that both the Buyer and the Seller are afforded equal protection. These are all considerations that should be settled before any online transactions occur.

The Importance Of Direct Communications Between Buyers And Sellers Before Transactions

While the Adpost Support Team can adjudicate transactions if it becomes necessary, as clearly shown herein, the benefit of the doubt often favors the Seller. The Adpost Eclassifieds and Marketplace wishes to create a safe and secure E-Commerce experience for all community members. Many sites like E Bay and others prohibit important direct communications which hinders the ability to Swap.

The direct communication between the Buyers and Sellers afforded by the Adpost Eclassifieds and Swap Marketplace online is important. The Seller should be happy to provide a proof of product. They should also readily agree to any terms that allow Buyers to engage in shopping online using COD, the cash on delivery ideally, or at least a signature confirmation of delivery.

Unscrupulous delivery drivers can be seen on YouTube taking picture proof of delivery and then literally picking up the packages and walking away with them. Some of the more persistent Porch Pirates can be routinely seen following delivery drivers, going behind them and scooping packages up as fast as they are delivered.

None of these are the fault of the Buyer or Seller engaged in legitimate transactions online but they still serve to tarnish the reputation of both the Buyer and the Seller, each of which will swear they did their part. Neither are these cases of theft the fault of the Adpost Eclassifieds and Swap Marketplace online. Despite this fact, everyone will find someone else to blame.

The ability to directly communicate also allows online shoppers and Swappers to look for any causes of concern about the parties. Are they trying to pay with a check and asking for cash to be wired back? Is someone making an effort to gain direct access to the computer? There are many common E-Commerce scams and it pays to remain cautious.

What Is The Best Way To Protect Both Buyers And Sellers In Online Transactions

Admittedly, every transaction online will be unique. There may not be one perfect blanket solution to make every online transaction quick and easy and successful. There are however, some important steps that can be taken in order to successfully complete most online transactions even in more open swap meets online where the deals are not so heavily regulated as they may be on sites like E-Bay.

  1. Initiate direct communications – On the Adpost Eclassifieds and Swap Marketplace, this can be done by simply clicking on the “Reply To Ad” feature.
  1. Determine the Terms and Conditions of the Swap between the Buyer and the Seller – This is the time when Buyers and Sellers can take a little time to communicate directly. There may be a desire for a video call to ensure that the product exists and is in the same condition as is stated in the online Ad.
  1. Decide whether or not to use the internal Adpost Web3 Escrow Service – The use of the internal Adpost Web3 Escrow Service offers benefits to the Buyer and the Seller, but adds an extra level of protection to the Buyer by allowing the buyer to officially close the Swap at such a time as the product or service has been delivered, or completed in the case of online services.
  1. Introduce the demand for Shopping online using COD – The Buyer should ensure that the Seller is willing and able to ship the item using either Cash on Delivery or a signature verification of delivery to ensure that the physical products are actually delivered. In terms of services, the buyer can close the deal at such a time as the services have been completed to their satisfaction.

Does The Adpost Web3 Marketplace Offer Shopping Online Using COD

The Adpost Eclassifieds site and online Swap marketplace and exchange does not provide anything more than the means to facilitate the introduction of Buyers and Sellers, each to the other.

Adpost does work diligently to ensure a fair and equitable trade between the Buyer and Seller can be facilitated, but does not have any direct interaction with the Buyer, the Seller, or the Transaction itself except in cases where Adpost Support is required.

It should be recognized that the online transactions for buying and selling things online and even for online Swap meets tend to favor the Sellers. This however, does not preclude the ability of the Buyer to continue shopping online with COD protections to balance the scales and make a more safe and secure online shopping experience for both the Buyers and the Sellers.