What If The Silk Road Website Went Mainstream

What If The Silk Road Website Went Mainstream –

What if Dread Pirate Roberts created the Silk Road Website as a means for conducting legitimate business transactions? Would it have been successful? Would it have provided even more benefit to the Buyers and Sellers engaging in E-Commerce and online transactions? Were there any lessons to be learned from the Silk Road Website?

For those people who may not be familiar with the concept, and who may have never heard of the Silk Road, the term has something of a dual meaning. Unfortunately, there do seem to be some negative connotations associated with both of these moments in history. Fortunately, we do have an innate ability to learn from the past, and to set out using the experiences learned, and to avoid the mistakes made by previous generations.

Imagine for a moment that someone has made a revolutionary discovery that has the ability to change the course of the future, but is determined to use it for their own gain and to circumvent the current system. Such an act does nothing to prevent the same types of technologies being used to pursue good by others.

This review of history will ultimately lead to the amazing introduction of new systems being put in place. These technologies are being made available to ensure that online buyers and sellers can expand their ability to buy, sell, and trade online, staying safe and enjoying a better and safer online shopping experience.

The Adpost Free Eclassifieds and Marketplace will not go down the path so well-traveled by the Silk Road, but shall instead focus on a bigger, brighter, and better future for E-Commerce and those trying to make a living online. Now E-Commerce can easily be conducted through the use of Tether (USDT) with Web3 Escrow Protections.

What Is The History Of The Silk Road

The original Silk Road lasted for approximately 1400 years because much like the Adpost Swap Marketplace, it allowed for people from around the world to meet and exchange goods and services. In much the same way as the challenges today, it was sometimes difficult to accurately measure value and worth between different products, services, and even currencies.

The original Silk Road was a means by which traders and travelers would travel around the globe actively engaging in trade and commerce. The Silk portion of the name comes from the Chinese markets which produced goods that were in high demand across the world, most notably among the European and other Western Markets such as those in the United States of America.

For those that may not be aware, the Silk Road Website was the creation of someone who went by the moniker “Dread Pirate Roberts”. His real name was Ross William Ulbricht, and what he created was a wonderful tool for the process of E-Commerce, even if the manner in which he ran his business was more than a bit suspect.

The Silk Road Website was designed as a means by which people could remain anonymous through the use of Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in that particular case, to exchange for illicit substances and illegal services. While the illegal nature of the site is rightfully condemned, the principles behind the site offerings provide an excellent example of what is possible in terms of trading, buying, and selling things online.

Recent advances in technology, and the tried and proven benefits of the Silk Road operations should not be overlooked, and can provide a great stepping stone for the advances of E-Commerce in the Web3 world.

What Lessons Can Be Learned From The Silk Road Website

The Silk Road Website was opened way back in 2011, and closed in short order in 2013. It was then reopened by administrators, but was shut down once and for all in 2015. This is not unexpected given the illegal nature of the activities on their website. Still, it begs the question, what would have happened had the Silk Road website been a legitimate online marketplace?

What would have happened if the Silk Road website facilitated the exchange of every day products and services in exchange for cryptocurrencies and ensured that each transaction enjoyed the benefit of Web3 escrow services for further protections. Granted, Web3 technologies were not prevalent in 2011, but they are today.

It is likely that the Silk Road Website would not have made millionaires and even billionaires, but it would have more likely remained in business. The underlying concept is solid, allowing people to swap, buy, sell, or trade products and services for cryptocurrencies. The introduction of Web3 technologies can be used to make the entire process safer for buyers and sellers online.

Adpost does not promote or condone the buying and selling of illicit substances, legally questionable services, or any illegal activities. Still, the Adpost Swap Marketplace has incorporated many of the same features that made the Silk Road Website popular among that crowd, but not for the same reasons.

The Adpost Eclassifieds and Swap Marketplace is one of very few online free ads websites that allow community members to swap products and services for cryptocurrencies. Adpost has further strengthened this capacity to secure these transactions using the Web3 Escrow services facilitated on the Adpost Swap Marketplace.

Can You Swap And Buy And Sell Mainstream Products And Services With Cryptocurrencies Today

There are very few markets online that allow for buying and selling using Cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. There are fewer still that offer their own tokenized systems, though given the prevalence of “chit-coins” (more commonly known as “shit-coins” though this remains a family-friendly website so that term will not be used) makes some of these online systems suspect.

The Berkshire region of New England in the Northeastern United States does provide one example where such services have proven effective. BerkShares are offered in order to be utilized only within the local region, much the same as many of the more localized currencies within the United States during its founding era.

The Adpost Swap Marketplace does have AdPoints that can be gained free of charge by community members for their normal use of the site, but these are not yet viable for the trade of goods and services with cryptocurrencies. At present, the Tether (USDT) on the Polygon Blockchain is the option of choice for those who wish to exchange goods using tokenized systems or crypto. The use of this particular token facilitates trade at a reduced cost for “gas fees” or the cost of transactions for the crypto buyers and sellers.

The integration of the Web3 Escrow Services from Adpost also allows for the tokens to be introduced into a secure wallet for each transaction, protected by a Smart Contract. Only the successful completion of the online transaction will allow for the funds to be released.

This option adds further protection to those engaging in regular online exchanges with cryptocurrencies. The original Silk Road website proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that the exchange of products and services for crypto is not only possible, but affords added protections to both the buyers and the sellers.

How Safe Are Sites Like The Silk Road Website And Silk Road Alternatives

Presumably, very few honest and law-abiding citizens utilized the Silk Road Website for legitimate business transactions. Despite this fact, cryptocurrency transactions conducted on the site were relatively hassle-free. If nothing else, the Silk Road website proves that online exchanges and marketplaces are not only viable but beneficial to buyers and sellers online.

Despite this fact, there are very few modern online marketplaces that offer similar options. The advent and expansion of Web3 technologies should only serve to make these online transactions safer still. Yet still, such exchanges remain virtually unheard of, at least until now.

Imagine for a moment that the Silk Road Website had been created as a fully legal and legitimate marketplace. This is effectively what can be discovered at the Adpost Free Eclassifieds and Marketplace online. Though granted, it is going to be substantially more difficult if not impossible to sell illicit, illegal, or even controlled items on the Adpost website.

Everyone needs to learn from their history, and from that, move the good forward and leave the bad behind. If there were a modern and legitimate iteration of the Silk Road Website, it would be evidenced and perhaps even epitomized in the present-day Adpost Web3 Marketplace. For those people engaged in E-Commerce and online transactions, and who want to ensure their cyber safety and security, the Adpost Marketplace online awaits.

The Adpost Web3 Marketplace allows for a direct line of communications to be opened between the buyer and the seller to come to terms before proceeding with online transactions. The addition of the Web3 Escrow Service from Adpost further increases the safety of transactions within the online markets.