Contest Help & FAQ


Adpost NFT contest serves to provide creators a platform to sharpen and showcase their artistic skills by competing with other art creators.

Adpost NFT contest hopes to bring brand owners, and potential fans a common ground to explore and collaborate with art creators who are technologically challenged.

Adpost NFT contest helps to mint creators’ artwork into NFTs without them having the know-how.

We introduce DIBS (Decentralized Incentive Based System) voting with the hopes to provide a neutral ground for the general public to assess the quality of art submissions by voting.

In order to increase the level of quality of votes, a USDT 5 per vote has been decided till the community decides to reduce/increase in future.


Who are creators?
Creators are termed as anyone who creates and submits their own original artwork in a Adpost contest.

Who are voters?
Voters can be fans or general public that votes for a artwork with an intention of supporting the creator.

Rules of voting:
-voters can ONLY vote a maximum of 1 time for each artwork with 1 wallet address.
-there is no limit to the number of artworks that one can vote.
-winning votes that correctly predicted any of the top 10 most voted artworks will get back voting fee + shared voting pool as reward.
-votes that did not account for the top 10 most voted artworks will result in a losing vote.
-losing vote fees will hence be contributed to the voting pool.


Getting Started

First, you will need to create a Metamask wallet account and also have the Metamask extensions installed in your preferred browser.

Make sure you have Polyon Mainnet added into your Metamask network.

Click “connect”

Currently we only support creation of an account & login on desktop devices only.



If your dropdown in Metamask does not show the following



This is what you can do to add a polygon network:



This is where you will add information to connect to the Polygon network.

Network name: Polygon Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Currency: MATIC


Click Save.



*Important* Ensure your network of choice is Polygon before proceeding to next step.



Go to your browser extension/app, click “buy”



*Please do you your own due diligence and check before proceeding to make any purchase of USDT MATIC.

Reference to any specific product, service, process, or method by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise on this web site does not constitute an implied or expressed recommendation or endorsement, or favoring by Adpost.


You should be presented with 3 options:

  • transak
  • moonpay
  • wyre



The highest votes received for the Top 10 pieces in each contest will be determined the winners.

Yes, you can share your submission by sharing the url of the contest site.



Login to your Metamask

If you are connecting to the site for the first time, you will see this prompt from your Metamask.


 Click “Connect”
Choose an account and click “Next”
click “Sign”
 When in the contest voting page, you should now be able to vote.

Your Metamask will prompt and notify you of the following actions:

  • platform transaction fee
  • approved amount for voting (per vote USD 5)



Voters/fan/general public should only vote for their favourite artwork with the intent of supporting the creator.

By doing so, winning votes that correctly predicted one of the top 10 most voted artworks will be given back their voting fee + share the voting pool as reward.

-voters can ONLY vote a maximum of 1 time for each artwork with 1 wallet address.
-there is no limit to the number of artworks that one can vote.