Me In The Metaverse Christmas Edition

Contest Categories


Create artwork of yourself or your pet in the Metaverse, in a Christmas theme.


Submit a photo of you and/or your love ones dressed in a Christmas themed outfit 

TIP: Be creative with your submission!

How to participate?

  1. 1) Create your entry with your choice of social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) public account.
  2. 2) Tag @adpostcom in your post.
  3. 3) Submit your entry in the respective category below. 
  • 4) Follow us on our Instagram channel @adpostcom for updates on the results. 

What Can I Win?

Prizes totaling USDT 175 to be awarded to the
top 3 winners in each *category!
1st place : USDT 100
2nd place : USDT 50
3rd place : USDT 25

In addition the top 10 entries under each *category with the most votes:

JOLLYART – top 10


*JOLLYDRESS and JOLLYBUMP will be sharing the top 10 prizes. Top 10 entries will be based on the number of votes each entry gets

– Will be minted as NFTs and winners will each be given a NFT of their winning entry.

– Will be displayed in the Me in the Metaverse Christmas edition Gallery


NFTs minted from winning entries will be on display in the Me in the Metaverse Christmas edition Gallery even after the contest, and will enjoy exposure to over 3 million registered members of our partner site audiences.

These NFTs will enjoy utilitarian value at our participating sites in the near future. More utility details will be announced at a later date.

Contest Dates

  1. 5th Dec 2022, Monday  ( 12:01 AM,GMT +8 )
    The Art Contest will be open for submissions
  2. 21st Dec 2022, Monday ( 12:01 AM,GMT +8 )
    Voting Open to the public
  3. 1st Jan 2023, Sunday ( 11:59 PM,GMT +8 )
    Submission due date
  4. 5th Jan 2023, Thursday ( 11:59 PM,GMT +8 )
    Voting Ends
  5. 9th Jan 2023, Monday
    Winners will be notified via email and Social Media Channels
Submissions end in

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Submit from your device

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Contest Instructions

Digitally created art as well as digitized forms of traditional offline art are accepted
Upload files ONLY in PNG or JPEG format
Files may not exceed 8 MB
Only one submission per participant

Contest Terms and Conditions

By entering your submission as a Participant you signify that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions for this Contest.

Participants must only submit an image they have made or are authorized to use. The Participant should not submit an image or a photo the Participant did not make. The Participant must not use in any way, the Intellectual Property, Artwork, Logo, and/or any and all other digital representations of Art that is the property of others, and/or if someone other than the Participant owns the copyright, such as Avatars that have copyrights of a game, etcetera, without the necessary legal authorisation in writing and legally endorsed by the Copyright holder.


Participants at the time of Participation are aware of and accept the conditions as set forth herein, and accept the full and complete personal and legal responsibility. The Participant further agrees to ensure the artwork submitted will not infringe upon third parties, and/or Copyrights and/or existing Copyright Laws including the DMCA and/or any and all other relevant laws regarding Copyright and/or Intellectual Property.

By participating in the Contest, Participants agree to assign all the rights of the Artwork upon submission for the contest to Adpost, BabyNamesPedia, Learner Net and their group of companies, including, without limitation, the copyright and intellectual property rights therein and/or the right to register the copyright therein. Winners to authorize Adpost, BabyNamesPedia, Learner Net and their group of companies to make the artwork into NFT Art.


The Participant further agrees that subject to the terms and conditions of this Contest by the Company, the Participant(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company, their group of companies, and their respective directors, officers, agents and employees and assigns, and/or their affiliates, and/or any other such individual as may be reasonably construed in any way to be connected directly or indirectly with this contest and/or the company, in respect of any and all costs, claims, losses, damages and/or expenses which may be incurred or suffered by the Participant(s) as a result of participating in this event and/or arising out of prosecuting, defending, settling and/or investigating of this event.


If you have questions regarding the Contest, please reach out to us via our Me in the Metaverse discord or Telegram channel.


The contest is open to anyone. For children under 18, please seek consent from your parent or legal guardian.


Choose one of the channels to upload your entry from.


Each person can submit one submission per day, however no duplicates are allowed.

In order to ensure all artwork are suitable for public viewing, your upload may take up to 48 hours for moderation before it shows up in the gallery for voting.

Yes, at the end of the contest voting results will be made public.

Complete the tasks stated, and earn points that can be converted into AdPoints

FYI, you have to be a Adpost user for us to credit the points into your account

We are accepting submissions until Sunday, 1st January 2023 11:59PM GMT +8 time zone.

We will be hosting voting pages for the public to vote; these will be accessible from the art contest page. 

Yes, you can share your submission with your friends and family for them to vote. 

Our participating sites have membership tiers that confer member privileges. This utility will be attached to winning NFTs, so that users who own these NFTs are recognised as members when they login to our sites.


If you have a winning submission, you will be notified to provide your Web3 wallet address to claim the USDT and/or the minted NFT


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