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From the appropriate Login screen, click on the Forgot Password? Input your email address and the request to reset account password will be e-mailed to you.

First of all you will have to activate your account.

Please check your spam folder for any activation links. You can search for the keyword “Adpost Activate” in your email to locate.



During the registration process, it’s possible that you may have entered an incorrect email address. Please consider this as a potential reason for the issue you’re facing.


Common Questions

Try writing again to the other User. To show your sincerity it is best to avoid one-liner messages. Courtesy also helps. However, even the best message does not guarantee a reply.

There are usually a few reasons for this:

  • The person is busy and doesn’t check his or her e-mail very often. Be patient and try waiting at least a week.
  • The person may be getting a large number of replies, so he/she hasn’t had time to get back to everyone.
  • Your message may not have connected with the person.


The final point happens quite frequently, just as it can in real life. If you don’t get a reply in a week or so, try re-writing your message, possibly in a different manner. However, don’t be too persistent. If you don’t hear from the person after the third message, maybe it’s time to move on. There are plenty of other matching Ads out there!

When another User replies to your Ad, you will automatically receive a notification e-mail. You can respond to the reply by using the hyperlink provided in the e-mail. Do NOT reply directly to this e-mail else your response will not reach the intended party. This is because the sender and return-address of the notification e-mail is an automation system.

If you do come across something suspicious, please alert us immediately by clicking on the Report this Ad hyperlink found on the left panel of every Reply or Ad. Adpost.com Classifieds takes a tough stance against any abuse of our service.

Please provide us with additional details explaining the reason for reporting this ad.

No, it is our policy not to modify any Ad content on behalf of our Users. This is to maintain Users’ accountability for Ad content.

You may post any number of Ads as long as they are relevant to the categories that you are posting in, and that they are not repeated Ads.

Currently, you can earn AdPoints through daily logins and a one-time phone verification process. You can earn 20 AdPoints once per day for logging in, and 40 AdPoints by completing the phone verification process. AdPoints cannot be purchased.

You can use AdPoints to promote your ad to premium status. A premium ad costs 100 AdPoints.

As long as your Ad is still running, it will continue to attract replies. If you do not wish to receive any more replies, please delete your Ad.

To unsubscribe from marketing and notification emails sent from our system, please locate the “unsubscribe” link in the footer of the email and click on it. This will allow you to opt out of receiving future emails of this nature.


Getting Started

MetaMask is a browser based digital wallet.

Not at the moment. More options will likely be made available in the near future.

You can install MetaMask at this link here.

This is what you can do to add the Polygon network:


This is where you will add information to connect to the Polygon network.

Network name: Polygon Mainnet

New RPC URL : https://polygon-rpc.com/

Chain ID: 137

Currency: MATIC

Explorer: https://polygonscan.com/

Click Save.


No, you can’t. 

Before linking your MetaMask wallet,  it is advisable to rename your MetaMask wallet so as to identify the MetaMask wallet that you are about to link to your Adpost account. 


Ensure your network of choice is Polygon before proceeding to next step.

Go to your browser extension/app, click “buy”

*Please do you your own due diligence and check before proceeding to make any purchase of USDT on Polygon.

Reference to any specific product, service, process, or method by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise on this web site does not constitute an implied or expressed recommendation or endorsement, or favoring by Adpost.

Seller -
I'm a product owner or service provider

Ad Listing & Order Fullfilment

1. Make sure you indicated an amount in “Price”

2. Under choose Swap Now Option, select “Yes, i want to Swap now for USDT”

Adpost currently provides the USDT on Polygon option only. Look for more options coming soon based on the feedback from Adpost Community Members like you.

By doing so it means you are refunding the amount back to the Buyer.

scenario 1

If you have yet to fulfill the request, canceling the order means you do not wish to accept the request.

You will not incur any charges from Adpost.

scenario 2

If you have fulfilled the request, by doing so it means you are refunding the amount back to the Buyer.

You will not incur any charges from Adpost.

Note: Cancellation of an order can only be performed by Adpost support. Our support team will respond to your request within 24 hours.

The funds will be held in a secured state until any and all issues have been resolved.

If you are agreeable and have already spoken to the Buyer and have concluded the terms of sale and conditions, (e.g delivery duration etc. ) you should proceed to fulfill the order and communicate to the other party what to expect.

Once the Buyer receives your product or services, they will have to complete the transaction by clicking “I have received my order”, after which you will receive your tokens in your MetaMask wallet that is linked to your Adpost account. 

View status of your order as follows:

 1. Check your Adpost messages inbox for request.

2 . View “Selling History” 

3. Filter by status “Awaiting Delivery” 


If you see an order under awaiting delivery, it means you have a Swap Now request from a Buyer. 

Buyer has made payment, tokens are currently seating in Adpost Escrow.



No, you do not need to. 

If your MetaMask wallet is already connected to your Adpost account prior to completion of the trade, funds sent by Buyer will automatically be transferred to your MetaMask


However, if it falls under the following scenario, you will be required to manually withdraw:

A Buyer initiated the Swap Now trade before you linked a MetaMask wallet to your account. 

Buyer’s tokens will be safely held in Adpost Secures until you the Seller connect a MetaMask wallet.

The following steps will guide you in how to manually withdraw tokens:


1. The first step is to link a MetaMask wallet in your account Dashboard.


2. Click View Selling History 

If you do not see any transaction history but Buyer claims payment has been made, go to step 4. 

Navigate to your product/service Ad listing page and click “Swap Now”. 

You should see the prompt status in step 5.


3. Withdrawn status will indicate “No” 


4. Click on the url to browse your product/service page.



5. On your product/services page, click on “Swap Now” to  reveal the “Withdraw” button to perform a manual withdrawal


Upon clicking “Withdraw Token” you should receive a MetaMask prompt requesting the gas fees. The gas fee in this screenshot is just a reference. 

At this point, you should have successfully received the token in your MetaMask wallet.


Try reaching out to the Buyer via Adpost messaging. If the Buyer does not respond, reach out to Adpost support for assistance.

Buyer -
I'm requesting a Swap for a product or service

Adpost currently provides the USDT on Polygon option only. 

By doing so it means you are backing out from your Swap request.



Scenario 1

The Seller has not delivered or fulfilled the order. 

If you have yet to receive the product or service, canceling the order means you do not wish to proceed.

By using the Swap Now feature, your funds will be held safely until the issue has been resolved.



Scenario 2

The Seller has delivered or fulfilled the order.

You are not satisfied with the product or service, canceling the order means you are requesting a full refund/partial refund.

You may be required to return the item to the owner to be eligible for a refund.

Once the Seller has received the returned item, we will be able to process the refund for you. 


Note: Cancellation of an order can only be performed by Adpost support. Our support team will respond to your request within 24 hours.