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Kick off your shoes, lean back on your couch and make yourself at home with a world of designs at Adpost Home Ideas. Home design has never been more inspiring, given innumerable photos featuring endless choices of styles, colors and textures. Here at Home Ideas, we want you to be your own designer – to visualize and create your dream home through the library of photos.

An open concept living, dining and kitchen space zoned effectively with thoughtful placement of the sofa. The running wooden slats on the ceiling and the harmonious palette of similar-toned blue and green furniture tie the separate areas together.

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Transitional open concept kitchen and lounge with pale blue walls and light hardwood floors. The bright and airy theme is punctuated by the deep gray of the coffee table.

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Living room with an easy breezy coastal theme, complete with rustic wood tile floors, teal sofa, light timber coffee table, textured ceiling and beach-themed canvas pictures.

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Standout dark beams and a modern fireplace with sleek marble surrounds heighten the sense of luxury in this bedroom with a view. The timber floors are a mix of light and medium tones.

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Wood accents in the living room complement the rustic exposed beams to create different levels of visual interest, filling the volume of space.

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Shiplap cladding and a mid-tone gray creates a strong masculine theme in this spacious bedroom. The rug at the foot of the bed scales the cavernous room to a more intimate size while providing textural interest.

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Wide decked patio in a Contemporary home, decorated with wicker furniture, a sculptural coffee table and dining table set at the far end.

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Contemporary beach-front home with a Hamptons color palette of soothing gray, tan and white. The heavy timber beamed ceiling, white corridor arches and terracotta tiles add a rustic feel to the home.

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Transitional living room with sash windows and shade that pull up from the bottom.

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Gray wood-look tiles line the floor of this spacious balcony and blends in with the stone bench. A day bed is custom-built to wrap around a load-bearing pillar. Spotlights and a faux hedge complete the contemporary space.

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Huge windows let plenty of natural light into this contemporary apartment. The stunning view is on display here as neutral-colored furnishings, such as a fabric sofa and shaggy rug, provide a cozy vibe.

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Mediterranean Spanish living room with large windows and white French doors.

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If you can't get rid of a load-bearing pillar, let it blend in with the rest of the room. This pillar is wallpapered in a soft metallic silver that mirrors the panes and furniture. The open plan in this room is cleverly demarcated with a beautiful rug while the candlestick chandelier and ornate details on the dining chairs add a touch of opulence.

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Light-filled living room with a magnificent timber-clad vaulted ceiling, picture window and stone fireplace. The furniture is kept simple with a dark gray sofa and tow light gray armchairs.

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Grand home in Southern Colonial style with Greek Revival touches seen in the double volume front porch and grand columns.

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The modular sofa, armchairs and ottomans provide suitable heft in this huge living room with a vaulted ceiling. The high ceiling is left completely white to let its angular structure shine. Neutral-colored sofa mirrors the same tones in the light hardwood floors.

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Contemporary living room with light hardwood floor, fireplace and slatted timber ceilings along the edge.

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This open concept room with a mezzanine floor is a great example of using texture to liven up a simple layout. Stone veneer provides the backdrop for a feature wall, while a shaggy tan carpet lends contrast to polished large-format tile flooring. Mirror-clad coffee table and chairs keep the space interesting.

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Beautiful dining and family room in an Italianate home that opens through to an expansive patio and ocean views.

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Mediterranean-style yellow home with pool shaped in a figure of 8. A stone walkway and a half wall runs along the side of the pool.

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