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Kick off your shoes, lean back on your couch and make yourself at home with a world of designs at Adpost Home Ideas. Home design has never been more inspiring, given innumerable photos featuring endless choices of styles, colors and textures. Here at Home Ideas, we want you to be your own designer – to visualize and create your dream home through the library of photos.

Traditional home office with brown-black panels, black fireplace, bookshelves, black French doors and solid timber desk. The cream chairs reflect the white treatment used in the design of the box beam ceiling.

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Irregular-shaped in-ground swimming pool with flagstone hardscape.

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Mid tone hardwood floors in the family room of this Colonial home provide and interesting contrast to stone floors in the patio.

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Yellow living room in a Colonial home, complete with double hung sash windows and accompanying valances, hardwood floors and patterned fabric sofa.

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Cape Cod beige living room with fireplace, hardwood floor, grand piano and classic fireplace.

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Transom windows decorate the top of the French doors while letting more light into this compact dining corner.

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The backyard of this Cape Cod house has a large swimming pool surrounded by outdoor stone floors.

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The clean rectangular shape of this flush-edge swimming pool reflects the elegant aesthetic of the white and gray home. A limestone-paved hardscape surrounds the pool.

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Colonial dining room with elaborate trim, bay windows and large brown chandelier.

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Colonial living room with marble fireplace surrounds, large windows and a neutral color palette.

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White shiplap cladding on the walls of this double-volume sunroom is paired with white-painted wooden floors and a light timber ceiling to create an airy and bright backdrop. An elegant gray dining set and white ceiling fan blend in with the neutral palette.

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White and gray dining room with gorgeous hardwood floors add charm in a Colonial house that has been decorated in a contemporary style in the interior.

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Hanging art provides a focal point for this contemporary home office. There is also plenty of texture in the room with a velvety dark gray sofa, flat-woven rug and indoor plants, making the space feel cozy.

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Gorgeously luxurious emerald green bathroom with matching shaker cabinets and wall scones. Light hardwood floors and white ceiling balance the green tones while natural light filters through the green slatted windows.

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Basement and games room of a Mediterranean Spanish inspired home.

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Kitchen of a Mediterranean Spanish inspired home with granite floors and countertop and warm wooden cabinets.

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Beautiful Mediterranean Spanish inspired living room with modern stained glass windows.

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Farmhouse loft with striped carpet and comfortable patterned sofa.

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Wood-paneled living room in a Farmhouse home with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Geometric print carpet injects a sense of contemporary style.

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Victorian bathroom with blue and white wallpaper.

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