2677 Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are such intensely personal spaces that every feature, fitting or furniture in them has the potential to create either an instant sense of comfort or displeasure. Never underestimate the effect a gorgeous bathroom has on your mood. It is, after all, the space that you go to early in the morning to get ready for the day, and return to for a good time of winding down.

As with designing other rooms, layout is king in the bathroom. This is an especially important step if you have a tricky space to work with, such as an L-shaped or a narrow bathroom. Start by creating zones: a ‘getting-ready’ zone for the vanity area, then the wet zone housing the toilet and the shower or bath (or both!). Next, consider the storage you need. In a particularly space-challenged bathroom, one useful tip is to consider ‘floating’ your vanity and cabinets to free up more floor space.

Determining the style of your bathroom is likely to be the most fun stage of creating your dream bathroom. Do you lean towards a more rustic country look or a contemporary beach house feel? The possibilities are endless, and to simplify things, bathroom styles tend to fall into three categories: luxe, nature-inspired and minimalist. There are of course many more styles that will be an amalgamation of these basic buckets but these three tend to dominate.

The materials you choose will result from your style choice. With luxe bathrooms, darker tones paint a glamorous image that is reminiscent of a high-end hotel. Tiles tend to take on a gloss finish and tapware would be made of nothing less than copper or bronze. Nature-inspired bathrooms showcase a lot of organic materials, so think warm timbers, matte tiles and pebble-lined floors. Minimalist bathrooms can go either the way of all-white spaces or act as a clean neutral canvas for pops of color to ring out. With an all-white bathroom, the textures and patterns, such as the hexagonal or herringbone patterns are usually the star of the show.

Gorgeously luxurious emerald green bathroom with matching shaker cabinets and wall scones. Light hardwood floors and white ceiling balance the green tones while natural light filters through the green slatted windows.

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Victorian bathroom with blue and white wallpaper.

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Nantucket-inspired bathroom in a Craftsman home.

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Taking a leaf from Italian classical style, this bathroom is finished with dark granite, dark stone tiles, warm timber cabinetry and patterned wallpaper. A decorative bust stands on the open rack while curtains are done up in Roman blind style.

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A classic white pedestal sink sits against pale blue walls in this gorgeous bathroom. Stainless steel tapware, a simple round mirror and single-hung sash windows reflect a traditional feel while patterned shower curtain adds a little pizzazz.

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This compact bathroom in a Victorian home has a wall of porcelain tiles which interestingly incorporates a picture in its design.

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White subway tile with white grout keeps a fresh palette for whimsical wallpaper and mosaic floor tile to shine in this eclectic bathroom.

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This traditional bathroom goes boldly dark with black-green granite floors and granite walls. The rich timber tones of the built-in cabinet and black marble countertop adds to its luxurious feel.

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Timber cabinets, marble flooring and a pebbled shower create a blissful, resort feel in this bathroom. Along with the use of natural materials and an earthy palette, this bathroom also boasts of a freestanding tub facing gorgeous scenery.

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A black and white bathroom transformed with the addition of red. The red tapware and accessories – even the red toilet seat cover highlight the round and curved shapes that contrast with the black and white tiles.

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This traditional bathroom is awash in a palette of beige and tan, and is kept interesting with the rich classical detail on cabinet doors and mosaic strip running along the mid-length of the walls. An in-built bathtub that sits next to white slatted windows is pure luxury.

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Long bathroom vanity with double sinks, mirrors and wall scones. The herringbone tile floor adds textural interest to a white and neutral bathroom.

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Contemporary bathroom with a wall of mirrors that ups the modern feel of the space. The speckled tile floor, cool brown vanity cabinets, skinny shower stone tiles and skylight work together to create an updated space. /z-media/2018/03/us_homes_offices.2730526.11.jpg Odd-shaped bathroom with light mint green walls and white beadboard going up till mid height. The same mint green color is continued on the bath platform. The black mosaic strip on the black-and-white weave tile floor draws the eye towards the ground and then up towards the marble vanity countertop.

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Stunning contemporary bathroom with a strong dose of glamor thanks to its usage of silver-tinged chrome drawers, lights and freestanding bath tub. The gray walls, white wainscoting and geometric tile complement lend an elite touch to the space.

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Contemporary bath with a large picture window and modern stainless steel tapware.

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Pale blue stripe-and-pattern wallpaper, perfect for a compact transitional bathroom with gold chrome tapware and cabinet fittings.

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Log bathroom with warm wood-paneled cabinetry, double sinks, bath and pebbled floor. Next to the glass and wood cabinets, the wall is clad in timber planks.

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Open concept bath with timber flooring, reflective wall tiles, freestanding tub, long dresser with multiple wooden drawers, an antique sideboard.

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Modern farmhouse bathroom with black and white theme. White subway tile on the walls act as a transition between black and white tiled floor and black strips decorating the top half of the wall. Vintage sink with exposed plumbing adds to the colonial charm.

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Bathroom with blue walls, white tile floor, white vanity and scone lights on a large framed mirror.

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