3668 Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom serves as a sanctuary after a hard day’s work, so whatever recharges you should be part of the room – whether walls awash in a neutral palette, or eccentric furniture combinations against a backdrop of bright colors.

Before embarking on your design adventure, plan the layout of the room, taking into account all the pieces of furniture you would like to include. Having your bed, night stand, dresser, cabinets and walk-in wardrobe is great, but not so fun if you are left with hardly any floor space. Let function take precedence over form: If you spend more time in your bath than reading in bed, then it might make more sense move your small reading nook out of the way to accommodate a freestanding bathtub in the ensuite.

After settling on the floorplan, the fun begins. The design style of a bedroom can fall roughly into the categories of classic, vintage, glamorous or minimalist. Floor material, wall colors, bedding choices, furniture and artwork all play a part in pulling your bedroom look together and picking the ‘right’ colors and textures are all about your preferences, with no hard and fast rules. If you love the Scandinavian look, throw in some vintage bedside tables to add a layer of interest to the canvas of your white floor boards. The most interesting bedrooms are ones that blend different styles and textures.

Most bedrooms come with a standard ceiling lighting fixture, which unfortunately is all that most people default to. Make lighting part of your design plan as it has the potential to complete the mood you want in your bedroom. In general, you should aim to wash the room with soft lighting and have sufficient spot lighting for specific tasks. For instance, if you read or use the computer a lot, task-oriented lights such as floor and table lamps can spot light your workspace area. Overhead and down lights create a general ambience and it would be a good idea to attach a dimmer to these lights so that you can adjust its intensity.

Standout dark beams and a modern fireplace with sleek marble surrounds heighten the sense of luxury in this bedroom with a view. The timber floors are a mix of light and medium tones.

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Shiplap cladding and a mid-tone gray creates a strong masculine theme in this spacious bedroom. The rug at the foot of the bed scales the cavernous room to a more intimate size while providing textural interest.

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A colourful rug balances out this long bedroom and serves as a landing zone when you step in from the balcony. The unique room door has a light finish that is reminiscent of a Japanese screen. Pine floors with gray curtains complete the contemporary look.

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This contemporary bedroom evokes a glamorous hotel feel with statement pendant lighting that serve as bedside lamps. The custom-built headboard complements the soft neutral textures of the wallpaper. Furnishings such as rugs, bedside tables and TV console are in various tones of cool brown while the muted red cushions provide a pop of color.

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Clerestory windows in this bedroom bring in more natural light into the space.

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A contemporary bedroom awash in neutral tones, with a gorgeous view of the city scape through its wall of sliding windows.

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Master bedroom in a country-style ranch house, with mint green walls, patterned curtains and warm wood furniture.

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Cool gray and white bedroom with dark hardwood floors. The bay windows are a perfect place to rest and enjoy the gorgeous view as the window treatment is kept simple with the use of roller blinds.

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This bedroom with icy blue walls is paired with metallic finish furnishings to ramp up its glamor factor. A shaggy blue rug sets the tone for the space as shimmery blue cabinets, turquoise pillows and metallic gunmetal covers contribute to a cool, glamorous space.

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The sloping ceiling of this modern farmhouse bedroom evokes a cozy, comfortable feel. Cream carpet and white walls are the perfect base to add on dark-colored cabinets and lamps. The dark curtain rail is appropriately casual enough for a beach theme.

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A child's bedroom looking run with a dark blue chevron pattern for the walls and red stripes for the carpet. The rest of the furniture and accessories are kept simple and white: Roman blinds dress the windows sufficiently without being overpowering, as a white angled study desk stands in the corner.

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Bay window in a Colonial home overlooking the lawn.

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Transitional bedroom in a Colonial home, with a black and white theme complementing the honey-toned hardwood floors. A purple patterned rug for the bed gives grounding to the space.

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Compact white bedroom in a Ranch home.

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This huge bedroom has all the elements of classical style, with a touch of contemporary treatment. Gilded antique mirrors, a black bed with details, cream bed bench, classic navy blue and gold rug, and black ceiling molding all add to the rich drama in the room.

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A dark brown ceiling fan with stands out against this compact bedroom's white ceiling, while a tan carpet, dark brown side tables and gray headboard all comfortably match in the same color tone. Clerestory windows above the headboard lets light in and adds a dash of character to the bedroom.

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Contemporary Ranch style home with touches of oriental decoration throughout the interiors, including this bedroom, which has a beautiful black lacquer cabinet facing the bed.

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Beautiful four-poster bed with an Asian-inspired platform design. Other elements, such as the Chinese chest drawers and paper leaf print decal on either side of the bed, dovetail with the oriental theme.

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Beige bedroom with hardwood floor and lovely white French doors that open out into the balcony.

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A child's bedroom, with a cute blue-gray patterned strip decorating the beige walls. The bed, side tables and book shelf are all brown, and in the same tone as the curtains and the patterned wallpaper.

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