8413 Cape Cod Home Ideas

A style borne out of simplicity and function, the original Cape Cod design was all about dealing with rough weather on the New England coast. The practicality of this style has endured over three centuries since the early 1700s and is today one of the prime examples of American folk architecture.

A Cape Cod home is characterized by its attention to symmetry – a front door, flanked by windows on the left and right. The Colonial-era homes were simple, rectangular, one or one-and-a-half storey houses with a central chimney rising out of the steep roof pitch often made with cedar shingles. The exterior was clad in clapboard.

Features of what we would consider be typical Cape Cod style, such as doghouse dormers and window shutters came later when the style was adapted to specific weather and landscape variations in different regions. Front porches, which we find in many Cape Cod homes, was a variation of style from the Southeast with its warmer summers.

An open concept living, dining and kitchen space zoned effectively with thoughtful placement of the sofa. The running wooden slats on the ceiling and the harmonious palette of similar-toned blue and green furniture tie the separate areas together.

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Shiplap cladding and a mid-tone gray creates a strong masculine theme in this spacious bedroom. The rug at the foot of the bed scales the cavernous room to a more intimate size while providing textural interest.

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The modular sofa, armchairs and ottomans provide suitable heft in this huge living room with a vaulted ceiling. The high ceiling is left completely white to let its angular structure shine. Neutral-colored sofa mirrors the same tones in the light hardwood floors.

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Contemporary living room with light hardwood floor, fireplace and slatted timber ceilings along the edge.

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Italianate home with influences of Greek revival style seen in its columns.

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Colonial home with a contemporary take on its family room. The stone fireplace surrounds, timber mantel and wooden entertainment console carries a touch of Craftsman style.

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Cape Cod home incorporates a white and gray palette and materials such as marble and chrome to inject a sense of Victorian luxe to this open-plan kitchen, dining and family room.

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Colonial home with stone exterior and Neoclassical Greek Revival style porch.

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Outdoor living room with terracotta tile floors, a modern couch and patterned ottomans.

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Inspiration for a grand Colonial and Neoclassical Greek Revival home filled with lighting.

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Colonial home with Neoclassical Greek Revival style porch.

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The backyard and swimming pool of a beige Victorian and Colonial shingle home.

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The rolling lawns, swimming pool and backyard of a large Victorian and Colonial shingle home.

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A formal garden surrounding a circular driveway presents a pleasing welcome to this stately, traditional home. Low flowering shrubs create a pleasing mix of green, dotted with white and red foliage.

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Inspiration for the backyard for a Colonial and Cape Cod home with Contemporary interiors.

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Colonial home with white clapboard exterior.

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Irregular-shaped in-ground swimming pool with flagstone hardscape.

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Mid tone hardwood floors in the family room of this Colonial home provide and interesting contrast to stone floors in the patio.

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Yellow living room in a Colonial home, complete with double hung sash windows and accompanying valances, hardwood floors and patterned fabric sofa.

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Cape Cod beige living room with fireplace, hardwood floor, grand piano and classic fireplace.

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Living Room (2310)
Garden (1892)
House Exterior (1590)
Bedroom (1049)
Kitchen (1040)
Bathroom (839)
Dining Room (690)
Backyard (611)
Foyer (444)
Patio (367)
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Cape Cod (8413)
Colonial (1649)
Craftsman (960)
Contemporary (849)
Victorian (749)
Tudor (748)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (709)
Ranch (569)
Pueblo Revival (209)
Mediterranean/Spanish (193)
Italianate (151)
Farmhouse (147)
Art Deco (118)
Prairie (110)
Log (93)
Oriental (44)
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Window (1215)
Fireplace (1095)
Countertop (987)
Stainless Steel (702)
Cabinet (635)
Siding (633)
Island (575)
Wood (407)
Landscaping (406)
Bar (340)
Table (275)
Walkway (236)
Bathroom Accessory (204)
Brick (146)
Tile (146)
Handrail (137)
Furniture (131)
Sink (122)
Courtyard (56)
Baluster (32)
Billiard Table (26)
Driveway (25)
Shelves (25)
Tap (21)
Molding (20)
Appliance (19)
Central AC (19)
Plumbing (17)
Library (16)
Outdoor Furniture (16)
Curtain (14)
Fire pit (12)
Water Feature (12)
Toilet Seat (11)
Bedding (10)
Columns (9)
Bathtub (7)
Couch (7)
Arch (6)
Dock (3)
Gate (3)
Glass (3)
Hot Tub (3)
Bench (2)
Refrigerator (2)
Stove (2)
Awning (1)
Playground (1)
Sash Window (1)
Shade (1)
Wardrobe (1)
Window Blind (1)
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Hardwood (3650)
Tile (1121)
Carpet (954)


Vaulted (558)
Beamed (395)
High (231)
Skylight (94)
Coffered (55)


Natural (4751)
Chandelier (729)
Ceiling Fan (391)
Standard (38)
Under Cabinet (1)