3629 Colonial Home Ideas

Loved for their traditional homey feel or in some cases, their grandiose facades, colonial homes belong to an evergreen style family that have a broad range of sub types. Different groups of colonialists brought their signature styles to America – for instance, Dutch colonial homes reflect the same gambrel roof as you would expect to see in the Netherlands.

Symmetry was important in colonial architecture, though some of the most popular period designs, such as the saltbox design, was distinctive because of its asymmetrical roof line. Saltbox homes were a type of New England colonial architecture, and one of many other colonial architecture, such as the German colonial, with its characteristic thick walls and exposed timber, and French colonial, with their wide galleries.

An open concept living, dining and kitchen space zoned effectively with thoughtful placement of the sofa. The running wooden slats on the ceiling and the harmonious palette of similar-toned blue and green furniture tie the separate areas together.

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Wood accents in the living room complement the rustic exposed beams to create different levels of visual interest, filling the volume of space.

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The modular sofa, armchairs and ottomans provide suitable heft in this huge living room with a vaulted ceiling. The high ceiling is left completely white to let its angular structure shine. Neutral-colored sofa mirrors the same tones in the light hardwood floors.

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Contemporary living room with light hardwood floor, fireplace and slatted timber ceilings along the edge.

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Traditional home office with brown-black panels, black fireplace, bookshelves, black French doors and solid timber desk. The cream chairs reflect the white treatment used in the design of the box beam ceiling.

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Outdoor side area of a Colonial house with gray clapboard siding and shutters.

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Farmhouse loft with striped carpet and comfortable patterned sofa.

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Wood-paneled living room in a Farmhouse home with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Geometric print carpet injects a sense of contemporary style.

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Sapphire furniture match the pale blue living room walls in this Colonial Cape Cod home. The fireplace is kept simple with an understated white and blue palette.

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A Colonial house that features a saltbox roof, white clapboard siding and asymmetrical fenestration, with half its sash windows being accompanied by blue shutters and the other half placed close to one another.

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The dark timber beams stand out on the white canvas of the ceiling and matches the statement carvings on the timber fireplace surrounds. The traditional air of this room is complemented by neutral-colored furniture and a contemporary coffee table.

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Symmetry is the order of the day for this Craftsman Farmhouse with a gray roof, beige clapboard siding, white exteriors and gray shutters.

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Farmhouse porch with beautiful wooden decking and columns.

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A row of sash windows in this kitchen offer a view of the lush greenery outside.

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Tall Cape Cod home with cream painted clapboard and brick exterior. It also has some interesting features, including the gray overhang and oversized front door.

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Cape Cod living room with two-tone curtains, neutral textured rug, white sofa and white mantel. A black ottoman doubles as the coffee table and extra seating.

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Sunroom with cream and patterned furniture, a textured neutral colored rug and a sleek black ceiling fan.

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Open plan kitchen and dining areas in a Colonial home with contemporary interiors.

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Jewel blue tones in the furniture and walls are carefully balanced with a white ceiling and a tan carpet in this living room. The massive clock above the mantel, pendant light and elaborate box beam ceiling and columns highlight a classical design style.

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Nantucket-inspired bathroom in a Craftsman home.

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Living Room (971)
Garden (839)
House Exterior (716)
Bedroom (499)
Kitchen (415)
Bathroom (365)
Dining Room (306)
Backyard (283)
Foyer (185)
Patio (138)
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Colonial (3629)
Cape Cod (1649)
Contemporary (486)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (444)
Tudor (342)
Ranch (213)
Craftsman (181)
Mediterranean/Spanish (122)
Farmhouse (101)
Pueblo Revival (85)
Victorian (80)
Art Deco (46)
Prairie (46)
Italianate (40)
Oriental (28)
Log (21)
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Window (583)
Fireplace (435)
Countertop (402)
Siding (295)
Cabinet (284)
Stainless Steel (280)
Island (202)
Wood (155)
Table (153)
Landscaping (152)
Bar (144)
Bathroom Accessory (104)
Walkway (86)
Furniture (74)
Handrail (60)
Tile (56)
Brick (52)
Sink (46)
Courtyard (26)
Baluster (13)
Shelves (12)
Tap (11)
Appliance (10)
Driveway (10)
Bedding (9)
Central AC (9)
Library (8)
Outdoor Furniture (7)
Billiard Table (6)
Curtain (6)
Fire pit (6)
Plumbing (6)
Water Feature (6)
Sash Window (4)
Toilet Seat (4)
Molding (3)
Couch (2)
Dock (2)
Shower (2)
Columns (1)
Gate (1)
Glass (1)
Hot Tub (1)
Playground (1)
Refrigerator (1)
Stove (1)
Wardrobe (1)
Window Blind (1)
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Hardwood (1567)
Tile (459)
Carpet (404)


Vaulted (201)
Beamed (158)
High (62)
Skylight (33)
Coffered (9)


Natural (2054)
Chandelier (284)
Ceiling Fan (180)
Standard (14)