4778 Contemporary Home Ideas

Transitional open concept kitchen and lounge with pale blue walls and light hardwood floors. The bright and airy theme is punctuated by the deep gray of the coffee table.

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Standout dark beams and a modern fireplace with sleek marble surrounds heighten the sense of luxury in this bedroom with a view. The timber floors are a mix of light and medium tones.

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Wood accents in the living room complement the rustic exposed beams to create different levels of visual interest, filling the volume of space.

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Wide decked patio in a Contemporary home, decorated with wicker furniture, a sculptural coffee table and dining table set at the far end.

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Contemporary beach-front home with a Hamptons color palette of soothing gray, tan and white. The heavy timber beamed ceiling, white corridor arches and terracotta tiles add a rustic feel to the home.

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A slim oval dining table lends balance to the sharp rectangular layout in this open plan space. Timber flooring in the dining area subtly marks a different activity zone while the choice of a white dining table provides a sense of continuity to the kitchen.

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A curved ocean blue sofa with a round ottoman complements the gradual contours of this living room. Dark brown beams on the ceiling have been custom-honed to fit with the gentle curves of the room. Warm hardwood floors add to the coziness of the space as huge windows let abundant light in.

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Cape Cod Shingle home with its interiors decorated in beach style.

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Cape Cod and Contemporary beige and white living room with carpeted floor, clerestory windows and gorgeous sea views.

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Grand staircase with dark gray carpet, white balusters and a contrasting dark top rail. The black and white theme complements the neutral color scheme of the home.

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Side profile of a Mediterranean Spanish home with characteristic red painted arches, stone exterior and tiled roof.

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Backyard and rear balcony of a contemporary and Mediterranean inspired home.

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Contemporary interpretation of a Mediterranean inspired home.

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White shiplap cladding on the walls of this double-volume sunroom is paired with white-painted wooden floors and a light timber ceiling to create an airy and bright backdrop. An elegant gray dining set and white ceiling fan blend in with the neutral palette.

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Glossy blue subway tiles are paired with dark granite countertops to create a contemporary kitchen that is sleek yet homely. The white cabinets with glass doors reflect the polished timber floors nicely while contrasting against the black appliances.

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Mediterranean Spanish home with stone exterior, tiled roof and red painted windows.

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Symmetry is the order of the day for this Craftsman Farmhouse with a gray roof, beige clapboard siding, white exteriors and gray shutters.

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Farmhouse porch with beautiful wooden decking and columns.

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A row of sash windows in this kitchen offer a view of the lush greenery outside.

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Mediterranean Spanish home with red French doors that lead into the backyard.

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House Exterior (1289)
Living Room (1070)
Garden (947)
Bedroom (507)
Kitchen (482)
Bathroom (443)
Backyard (323)
Dining Room (321)
Patio (247)
Deck (175)
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Contemporary (4778)
Cape Cod (849)
Colonial (486)
Ranch (460)
Craftsman (385)
Tudor (370)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (270)
Log (240)
Prairie (216)
Pueblo Revival (212)
Victorian (212)
Oriental (158)
Mediterranean/Spanish (133)
Art Deco (106)
Farmhouse (105)
Italianate (75)
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Window (572)
Fireplace (475)
Countertop (442)
Siding (394)
Stainless Steel (340)
Island (246)
Cabinet (220)
Wood (209)
Bar (186)
Landscaping (182)
Table (117)
Walkway (113)
Furniture (82)
Tile (74)
Handrail (72)
Bathroom Accessory (70)
Brick (65)
Sink (43)
Courtyard (35)
Baluster (17)
Central AC (15)
Fire pit (13)
Outdoor Furniture (13)
Shelves (13)
Appliance (9)
Library (9)
Plumbing (9)
Bedding (8)
Gate (8)
Tap (8)
Water Feature (8)
Billiard Table (7)
Driveway (7)
Bathtub (6)
Curtain (5)
Dock (5)
Toilet Seat (4)
Hot Tub (3)
Molding (3)
Sash Window (3)
Awning (2)
Glass (2)
Stove (2)
Window Blind (2)
Bench (1)
Cobblestone (1)
Columns (1)
Couch (1)
Oven (1)
Shade (1)
Wardrobe (1)
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Hardwood (1682)
Tile (612)
Carpet (423)


Beamed (363)
Vaulted (351)
High (166)
Skylight (82)
Coffered (9)


Natural (2220)
Chandelier (272)
Ceiling Fan (199)
Standard (48)
Under Cabinet (1)