2960 Craftsman Home Ideas

Craftsman homes became popularized when home owners became tired of the excessive ornamentation found in Victorian and Tudor styles, and opted for simple designs, modest woodwork and natural materials.

The Craftsman style is also called Arts and Craft architecture. Houses in this style typically have low roof pitches, overhanging eaves and plenty of exposed beams and rafters. Craftsman homes have large, covered porches, with thick and battered columns that are most often the distinctive feature of the style. Stone details and shingle siding are also common.

The backyard of this Cape Cod house has a large swimming pool surrounded by outdoor stone floors.

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Farmhouse porch with beautiful wooden decking and columns.

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A row of sash windows in this kitchen offer a view of the lush greenery outside.

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Polished white transitional living room in a Neoclassical Greek Revival home.

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Nantucket-inspired bathroom in a Craftsman home.

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A child's bedroom looking run with a dark blue chevron pattern for the walls and red stripes for the carpet. The rest of the furniture and accessories are kept simple and white: Roman blinds dress the windows sufficiently without being overpowering, as a white angled study desk stands in the corner.

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Family room of a Farmhouse home that opens into a backyard with stone-paved flooring and lovely swimming pool.

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A home office with a pleasing neutral color palette of green walls and cool brown cabinetry. A flatwoven rug in rice grounds the space effectively as breezy white curtains add a touch of softness to the home office.

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Fireplace with brown wooden mantel and iridescent tile surrounds in this spacious traditional living room. The brown coffered ceiling offers an impressive finish to the room.

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Simple sunroom with mahogany wood floors, white walls, white tongue-and-groove ceiling and wrought iron furniture.

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Various shades of purple, such as the plum sofa and dark violet rug, interplay to create a pleasing blend of color in this room. The strong eggplant purple on the room walls causes the white furniture – side tables, drawers, cabinet, table lamps and breezy curtains to stand out.

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Dining room with dark hardwood floor in a Colonial home, complete with an oval dining table, wooden sideboard, a chandelier and framed mirror.

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Narrow timber strip floors, white shaker cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances make for a charming transitional kitchen.

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Bedroom with white and lilac theme, beige custom headboard, statement light and shaggy rug.

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This traditional bathroom is awash in a palette of beige and tan, and is kept interesting with the rich classical detail on cabinet doors and mosaic strip running along the mid-length of the walls. An in-built bathtub that sits next to white slatted windows is pure luxury.

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A simple foyer with red patterned wallpaper forming an appropriate backdrop for a series of classic paintings. The antique couch and matching light floral rug layer on various shades of red, pink and beige to create a traditional space.

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Outlined by the white trim and skirting, this bedroom has soothing warm palette as a result of its dusky pink ceiling, tan walls and tan carpet working harmoniously. There is also plenty of texture, thanks to the wooden dresser and bed, chandelier, and oriental rug. At the windows, the curtains pick up on the deep pink and cream color scheme.

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This simple home gym makes clever use of the bay window nook. The half wall has been painted a soft neutral tan, which continues to the upper half of the walls and the plaster beam. Natural light streams through the sliding white French doors and windows with Roman blinds.

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Large sunroom grey stone floors and a high tongue-and-groove ceiling. A hefty gray coffee table, wall scones and a hanging fan give this room a classic feel.

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Gray painted clapboard with recurring pediments and dormers throughout the house.

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