2973 Craftsman Home Ideas

Craftsman homes became popularized when home owners became tired of the excessive ornamentation found in Victorian and Tudor styles, and opted for simple designs, modest woodwork and natural materials.

The Craftsman style is also called Arts and Craft architecture. Houses in this style typically have low roof pitches, overhanging eaves and plenty of exposed beams and rafters. Craftsman homes have large, covered porches, with thick and battered columns that are most often the distinctive feature of the style. Stone details and shingle siding are also common.

Colonial home with a contemporary take on its family room. The stone fireplace surrounds, timber mantel and wooden entertainment console carries a touch of Craftsman style.

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Cape Cod Shingle home with its interiors decorated in beach style.

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Brick Colonial home with dark gray shutters, a balcony with traditional white balusters and a portico.

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Cape Cod house with off-white clapboard exterior and landscaped garden.

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The backyard of this Cape Cod house has a large swimming pool surrounded by outdoor stone floors.

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Farmhouse exterior with large porch and beige clapboard siding.

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Gray painted clapboard with recurring pediments and dormers throughout the house.

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Side profile of a Colonial home with gray clapboard siding, gray roof and porch.

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Colonial house with Greek influence seen in its balcony, white columns and stone surrounds.

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This Southern Colonial has its characteristic wraparound porch and chimney at its side. The columns, pediments and turrets suggest incorporation of Neoclassical Greek and Victorian styles.

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A big patio in this Craftsman Colonial home which also features an outdoor fire pit.

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Symmetry is the order of the day for this Craftsman Farmhouse with a gray roof, beige clapboard siding, white exteriors and gray shutters.

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Farmhouse porch with beautiful wooden decking and columns.

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A row of sash windows in this kitchen offer a view of the lush greenery outside.

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Contemporary bath with a large picture window and modern stainless steel tapware.

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Gray Colonial with extra wide portico in stone and clapboard exteriors.

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Polished white transitional living room in a Neoclassical Greek Revival home.

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This cozy living room has a soft blend of clean lines and traditional detailing. The gray patterned wallpaper, cream carpet and chairs, and vintage pendant lamp all work together perfectly to portray a transitional living room.

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Nantucket-inspired bathroom in a Craftsman home.

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Touches of Craftsman style in this kitchen with red walls, white cabinets and granite countertop.

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House Exterior (819)
Garden (729)
Living Room (671)
Kitchen (373)
Bathroom (330)
Bedroom (307)
Backyard (187)
Dining Room (182)
Foyer (137)
Patio (124)
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Craftsman (2973)
Cape Cod (960)
Tudor (399)
Contemporary (385)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (254)
Victorian (192)
Colonial (181)
Mediterranean/Spanish (137)
Log (95)
Ranch (86)
Farmhouse (69)
Prairie (58)
Oriental (51)
Pueblo Revival (43)
Art Deco (25)
Italianate (24)
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Window (488)
Siding (434)
Countertop (368)
Fireplace (332)
Stainless Steel (266)
Island (238)
Cabinet (235)
Wood (157)
Bar (133)
Landscaping (115)
Table (75)
Handrail (71)
Walkway (69)
Bathroom Accessory (66)
Tile (64)
Sink (46)
Brick (42)
Furniture (37)
Baluster (17)
Tap (11)
Driveway (10)
Courtyard (9)
Molding (8)
Outdoor Furniture (8)
Shelves (8)
Central AC (7)
Billiard Table (6)
Library (6)
Columns (5)
Plumbing (4)
Water Feature (4)
Appliance (3)
Curtain (3)
Fire pit (3)
Gate (3)
Wardrobe (3)
Arch (2)
Bedding (2)
Toilet Seat (2)
Bathtub (1)
Bench (1)
Boat (1)
Cobblestone (1)
Couch (1)
Dock (1)
Glass (1)
Granite (1)
Hot Tub (1)
Shade (1)
Stove (1)
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Hardwood (1164)
Tile (395)
Carpet (261)


Vaulted (207)
Beamed (137)
High (126)
Skylight (23)
Coffered (21)


Natural (1460)
Chandelier (242)
Ceiling Fan (109)
Standard (18)