2322 Dining Room Ideas

Traditionally, a dining room was separate from the kitchen and reserved for formal gatherings. It was also a place for daily family meals. With the trend towards open plan designs, grab-and-go meals and city living, some home owners have eschewed the traditional dining room in favor of an integrated dining-and-kitchen space.

Having a separate dining room is a wonderful option that offers you respite from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, but really boils down to personal preference and whether you have the space for it. However, even if all you can manage is a dining space a couple of feet away from your kitchen, treat that space as a bespoke dining spot.

The first step towards creating a gorgeous dining room is selecting the dining table. The standard dining table comes in round, oval and rectangular shapes, with a myriad of material combinations. Whatever your dining table shape, make sure to leave enough room for your guests to move around the table. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 45 inches between tables and walls for optimum clearance.

Next, consider what you need in terms of storage as you wouldn’t want to be walking in and out of the kitchen to fetch cutlery. Putting in place some cabinets and a sideboard could work nicely and act as a decorative element at the same time.

When decorating the dining room, one of the easiest and most transformational things you could do is to introduce art. Complement your art piece with statement lights and an anchor rug, paying attention to their relative dimensions so that the room doesn’t look overwhelmed by multiple competing decorative items. Seasonal pieces such as Christmas-themed table runners or a fresh bouquet of spring flowers will keep your room updated and save it from neglect.

Transom windows decorate the top of the French doors while letting more light into this compact dining corner.

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Colonial dining room with elaborate trim, bay windows and large brown chandelier.

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This light and breezy dining area is kept fun with the addition of electric blue chairs around a warm wooden farm table. The same blue is seen at the hem of the flatwoven rug. A picture window and glass doors covered by white curtains offer expansive views.

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Blue fireplace with a slim dark stone border around it. The colors in the modern art piece above the fireplace complement the bold blue hue wonderfully.

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A row of sash windows in this kitchen offer a view of the lush greenery outside.

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Dining room in a Farmhouse, with an oversized oriental rug, modern pictures and simple pendant lights.

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Open plan kitchen and dining areas in a Colonial home with contemporary interiors.

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Wood-paneled living and dining room in a Ranch home.

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Colonial living room with traditional fireplace, white walls and French windows.

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Light hardwood floors keep this beautiful traditional dining room from looking dated while a gold chandelier and an ornate mirror give it its characteristic period charm. Pale green wainscoting and pistachio green walls impart a splash of color without being overwhelming.

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The deep gray wall in this dining room provides a rich background for the gorgeous antique chandelier to shine.

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The round glass table with wire back chairs add interest to this traditional kitchen as a small island separates casual dining from cooking space. Instead of glass, wire is used to front the top cabinet panels.

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The white box beam ceiling and high wainscoting in this traditional dining room gives it a feel of understated glamor. A beautiful oriental rug provides textural interest.

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Traditional dining room with a round dining table, deep forest green walls and statement chandelier. French doors let in an abundance of light and keep the room from feeling heavy. Tan carpets feature a classic diamond pattern.

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Traditional dining room with beautiful large windows dressed with floral-patterned valance and curtains. A large cream flatwoven rug subtly anchors the room. A pendant light hangs from the ceiling, which also has a medium-width crown molding and trim.

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A quiet and elegant transitional dining room that features large sash windows letting in an abundance of natural light. A beautiful rug on the dark hardwood floors anchors the symmetry reflected in the room. A slim candlelight chandelier looks gorgeous against lilac-gray walls.

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An origami pendant lamp hangs above an antique table with light woven chairs. Through the white French door and white sash windows, natural light drenches the dining room. Timber floorboards and understated crown molding gives the room an updated shabby-chic look.

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Dining room in a log style home, with a distinctively vintage feel. The ornate wrought iron chandelier is the feature piece of the room, and complements the cabinets well. The timber knots, seen in the wall and ceiling clapboards, add to the rustic feel.

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Formal dining room with a crystal chandelier as the centerpiece of the room. The wooden table and chairs, oriental rug and framed pictures are mixed with contemporary details, such as the wooden curtain rod, gilded mirror and table lamps.

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Quirky letters never fail to create a fun focal point, just like in this eclectic dining area. The brown tones in the wall art also tie in with the exposed beams and brick wall cohesively to give off a funky vibe.

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