702 Farmhouse Home Ideas

Farmhouses were traditionally houses that were close to a farm, providing a humble home for a large family working on the land. Quintessentially the American home, Farmhouses and their architectural and design elements have gone from being a rural interpretation to a mainstream design preference.

Whether original home or new build, features of the Farmhouse design are simple, modest and without excessive ornamentation. Comfortable porches, clapboard siding, metal or wooden gable roofs, lots of windows, barn doors, gooseneck barn lights – these all evoke a feeling of nostalgia that is rooted in a longing for home.

Symmetry is the order of the day for this Craftsman Farmhouse with a gray roof, beige clapboard siding, white exteriors and gray shutters.

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Farmhouse porch with beautiful wooden decking and columns.

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A row of sash windows in this kitchen offer a view of the lush greenery outside.

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Beautiful square flush-edge swimming pool set amid the backyard of a Shingle-style Colonial. The plants on either side play on the symmetry of the pool.

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Beautiful Georgian Colonial home with characteristic symmetry, brick exterior, sash windows, black shutters and fan light.

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Outdoor living room with stone floors, brick walls and traditional fireplace. Tan-colored armchairs and sofa blend in with the warm color scheme.

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A contemporary foyer with a colourful framed picture that adds a dose of vibrant color to the subdued Scandinavian-inspired palette of timber floors, white walls and black balusters. A woven basket under the clean-lined side table is perfect for entryway storage.

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Southern Colonial house with beige clapboard siding, symmetrical façade and wide front porch.

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The focal point of this transitional dining room is the modern picture on the wall, which blends into both the traditional and contemporary elements of this room. The corner cupboards, dining table and chairs are a clear nod to the past, while the flat ceiling and black side table reflect a contemporary take.

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With pale yellow clapboard siding and a front porch wrapped around with a geometric railing, this Southern Colonial stands tall and proud along an incline.

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Thick dark brown balusters with heavy detail line the side of the stairs. A royal red runner covers the central parts of the treads, portraying a regal feel.

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Sleek kitchen with semi-polished timber floors, exposed beam, timber clad ceiling and shaker cabinets with modern handles for an updated farmhouse feel. Instead of glass doors, the overhanging cabinets have frosted doors, which give an illusion of space while hiding any mess.

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This attic has been converted into a walk-in wardrobe, complete with full-length mirrors on cabinets, overhead storage, open shelves and drawers. The gray walls and cabinetry match the light timber tones of the floors, creating a bit of a playful vibe. A repurposed antique table and spotlights overhead contribute to an eclectic space.

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Spacious mudroom with tile floor, wraparound floor-to-ceiling cubbies with hooks and shelving.

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Farmhouse, Neoclassical Greek Revival, Colonial, Contemporary And Craftsman Green House Exterior, Garden And Backyard With Window, Landscaping And Siding

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Farmhouse, Neoclassical Greek Revival, Colonial, Contemporary And Craftsman Green And Grey House Exterior, Garden, Backyard And Porch With Window, Landscaping And Siding

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Farmhouse And Victorian White House Exterior And Garden

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Farmhouse And Cape Cod Green And Beige House Exterior And Garden

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Farmhouse, Contemporary And Victorian Brown And Grey Living Room With Brick And Fireplace, Hardwood Floor And Natural Lighting

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Farmhouse And Victorian Grey Swimming Pool, Garden And Backyard With Landscaping

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House Exterior (191)
Living Room (175)
Garden (157)
Kitchen (75)
Bathroom (70)
Bedroom (68)
Dining Room (50)
Foyer (48)
Patio (37)
Deck (35)
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Farmhouse (702)
Cape Cod (147)
Contemporary (105)
Colonial (101)
Craftsman (69)
Victorian (63)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (55)
Ranch (22)
Mediterranean/Spanish (17)
Italianate (16)
Log (6)
Tudor (2)
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Siding (101)
Window (101)
Fireplace (93)
Countertop (67)
Wood (59)
Stainless Steel (46)
Cabinet (39)
Island (33)
Bar (21)
Table (21)
Brick (16)
Tile (16)
Furniture (13)
Handrail (12)
Landscaping (12)
Bathroom Accessory (9)
Walkway (6)
Sink (5)
Baluster (4)
Outdoor Furniture (4)
Tap (3)
Appliance (2)
Bathtub (2)
Billiard Table (2)
Central AC (2)
Library (2)
Shelves (2)
Arch (1)
Bench (1)
Columns (1)
Curtain (1)
Fire pit (1)
Molding (1)
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Hardwood (299)
Tile (88)
Carpet (62)


Vaulted (47)
Beamed (36)
High (24)
Skylight (10)
Coffered (2)


Natural (359)
Chandelier (52)
Ceiling Fan (12)
Standard (5)