505 Home Office Ideas

A home office is a must-have in the age of flexible working arrangements. Traditionally, a library or a reading room served the purpose of providing an exclusive enclave for work and study. With the rise of remote work teams and wireless technology, a home office has now become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Whether you run your own small business or simply need a demarcated area to sort out monthly bills, bear in mind that a dedicated space need not necessarily equate a dedicated room. Your home office can be anywhere in the house, as long as it works for your lifestyle and is a place where you can quickly scale into tip-top productivity. That would mean different things for different people: a converted garden shed works just as well as a study corner in the den.

The common denominator for all functional home offices is that they all have great storage options. One tip here is to think in terms of shapes and sizes. You will have flat and wide items such as papers and folders so put in place some shelves with bookends or a filing cabinet. For small items like stationery, corral them in tray organizers neatly placed in drawers. Larger odd-shaped items could find their home in wicker or cardboard boxes that line open shelves or closed cabinets.

The walls are also a great place to peg your storage solutions. Make your wall a giant black, white, or cork bulletin board – whatever suits your home office design. If you have clients coming to home office, you might want to stick to a design style that looks more professional. A neutral color palette with natural materials such as timber will give you the established look you desire, unless you work in a creative services industry, in which high-gloss neon finishes may not look out of place.

Traditional home office with brown-black panels, black fireplace, bookshelves, black French doors and solid timber desk. The cream chairs reflect the white treatment used in the design of the box beam ceiling.

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Hanging art provides a focal point for this contemporary home office. There is also plenty of texture in the room with a velvety dark gray sofa, flat-woven rug and indoor plants, making the space feel cozy.

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Traditional home office with high ceiling, textured columns, and plenty of white book shelves. The walnut cabinets and work desk complement the dark brown and white patterned carpet.

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Thick brown trim on the ceiling and around the windows convey a sense of sophistication in this study. The traditional brown sofa, ottoman and heavy work desk have similar heft, which work cohesively with the overall design scheme.

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The row of white multi-paned windows lets natural day light flood this elegant home office with cream walls, white ceiling and delicate trim. A row of white multi-paned windows lets natural daylight flood this elegant home office. Various classic pieces of furniture, such as the antique table, leather couch and pink lamp lend the space an air of sophistication.

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Home office in Cape Cod home with traditional touches, such as patterned valances, push armchairs and antique desk.

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Traditional home office with a coffered ceiling. The crossbeams are kept the same brown color as the cabinetry, shelves and window and door frames for a cohesive look. An oriental rug anchors the study as a simple chandelier lends elegance to the space.

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A narrow table and a long modular sofa take advantage of the long profile of this home office. Off-white walls and white sofa provide a neutral base while the black and white speckled carpet stands out with visual interest.

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A home office with a pleasing neutral color palette of green walls and cool brown cabinetry. A flatwoven rug in rice grounds the space effectively as breezy white curtains add a touch of softness to the home office.

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The work desk doesn't always have to be placed parallel to the walls. Positioning this antigue desk at an angle showcases the large sash windows. Warm timber panels and joinery provide a uniform look to this traditional home office.

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The showstopper in this home office is the raw brick wall behind the antique desk, which frames the beautiful white windows. Paired with the white work desk, cabinetry and dark hardwood floors, the combination works wonderfully to create a warm, organic space.

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Transitional home office with plenty of storage thanks to floor-to-ceiling book shelves, half-height shelves and in-built filing cabinets. The customized work desk with an oval end breaks up the room's angles with its curves. Cool gray walls complement the light hardwood floors perfectly.

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Stylish home office with light gray walls, a wide custom-made desk and furniture that are reminiscent of classic pieces. With wire doors instead of standard wooden doors, the khaki upper cabinets have a slight farmhouse feel to them.

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Scandinavian home office nook with corner desk, bookshelves, white cabinets and a day bed. The design is kept light and simple with cream-colored floor tiles and a light aqua day bed.

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Circular nook with a wall of windows, having been converted into a home office area. Custom-built cabinets, shelves and drawers line the wall, creating a little seating niche that has been filled with cream cushions.

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Home office on a loft with a desk strategically placed next to a load-bearing pillar. Plenty of natural light streams in from double volume windows. The matching beige cabinet and bookshelves have similar detailing to work desk.

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A cozy home office with not just one but two work desks – in white and brown. White bookshelves line the wall of the room, extending into a seating area with a wooden coffee table and a floral couch.

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Narrow transitional home office with textured cream wallpaper, curtains with geometric print, a traditional blue upholstered armchair and antique desk. A standing lamp and cream colored vase add to the sophistication of the room.

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A home office with a less is more approach, letting the piece of art shine as the feature of the room. The pendant light, gray easy chair and work desk all have a sculptural element to them. For example, the four legs of the table fan out from the center at an acute angle.

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Traditional home office with various hues of gray and brown which share similar shades. Deep gray wall and rich mahogany-colored armchair and cabinetry complement the traditional feel of the room. The tan carpet has a diagonal pattern which keeps the room from feeling too heavy.

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