1681 Home Ideas With Island

With open plan living soaring with popularity in the past few decades, the humble island too has enjoyed the growing spotlight. This hardworking member of the kitchen has provided counter space and seating spots, while doubling up as a zoning mechanism to delineate parts of open plan areas, such as the kitchen and family rooms. Given the accompanying trend of entertaining – whether in large houses or small apartments, it looks like the kitchen island is here to stay.

The island evolved from a basic need for space to prepare, cook and serve food, and it will be function that remains at the heart of what works for your lifestyle. Do you need your island to solve some of your storage woes? Then consider large, deep drawers to store bulky culinary items or running rails to hang towels or cooking items. Kids asking for homework help while you’re cooking? Think about different island heights, one suitable for younger children and which could act as a homework station when they are not eating or helping with the food prep.

The magic of an island is that it is such an adaptable piece of furniture. You could add a second sink, a sink-and-cooktop combination, shelves, storage cabinets, even a computer table and charging station. What you will need at the island will depend on how your workflow triangle of sink, range and refrigerator is being laid out. If you already have a range located on one side of the kitchen, then it’s likely that the island should have a sink, and vice versa.

Finally, think outside the conventional rectangular shape. Islands don’t have to be a standard rectangular shape. Having it curved on one end would mean a friendlier seating arrangement as people sit at an angle facing one another, rather than facing the cook. Get creative by repurposing antique chests or even small boats if you have a beach theme going on in the kitchen. For a really eye-catching feature, how about incorporating a fish tank on one side of the island?

Kitchen of a Mediterranean Spanish inspired home with granite floors and countertop and warm wooden cabinets.

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The casual dining table doubles up as a kitchen island. The wooden range hood blends in with a seamless finish for cabinets as steel ovens and backsplash lend a touch of modernity.

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The round glass table with wire back chairs add interest to this traditional kitchen as a small island separates casual dining from cooking space. Instead of glass, wire is used to front the top cabinet panels.

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This huge traditional kitchen with semi-gloss medium tone hardwood floors has a large island with rows of drawers and an extended portion for casual seating. The marble backsplash and glass panels for cabinet add to the luxurious feel.

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Warm brown tones on the cabinets and the burnt orange wall dress this transitional kitchen in a homely feel. Natural materials used throughout the space – granite countertop, travertine floors, stone wall cladding, introduce an organic feel to the area.

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Narrow timber strip floors, white shaker cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances make for a charming transitional kitchen.

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This kitchen is a mixture of different materials, from the dark stone floors and granite countertop to the raw brick island and mahogany cabinet doors. The rich colors are contrasted against a backdrop of white walls.

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This is a spacious kitchen which looks gorgeous with its light timber floors and glazed gray cabinets. However, the stars of the show are the twin marble kitchen islands. The slim pendant lights above the island next to the dining area add to an exquisite gallery feel.

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This chic country kitchen features a large marble and timber kitchen island as a statement piece. On the ceiling, the beams have been painted white, which matches the slightly distressed cabinet and drawer doors, giving the space a slightly shabby chic edge. A hanging rack and open shelves ensure plenty of storage space.

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The brick range hood above the antique stove contrasts with the pale-colored wood that is liberally used for the kitchen island, cabinets and the ceiling beams.

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An all-white kitchen with shaker cabinets and a white tiled backsplash with white grout. A dark green marble countertop provides a little contrast and ensures that the kitchen does not look too washed out, especially with the skylight just above the island.

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A charming little kitchen in a colonial home, with heavy timber beams as a focal point. The retro green color on the island cabinets and the hanging cabinets creates a distinctly historical flavour, as the light hardwood floors complement the furniture color nicely.

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Touches of Craftsman style in this kitchen with red walls, white cabinets and granite countertop.

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Cape Cod home incorporates a white and gray palette and materials such as marble and chrome to inject a sense of Victorian luxe to this open-plan kitchen, dining and family room.

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Gorgeous art deco lamps hang over this transitional white and timber kitchen.

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White walk-in wardrobe partitioned into two areas with a half-height chest of drawers as a divider. Overhead shelves and generous hanging rails provide lots of storage space. Birch flooring and white walls keep the space light and airy.

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Large walk-in wardrobe with lots of hanging rails and overhead storage. An island with a wooden countertop and chests of white drawers anchors the space. Downlights and a statement pendant lamp provides light.

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This large white and gray kitchen has a marble island as the showpiece of the room. White subway tile and shaker cabinets exude a timeless vibe amid hardwood floors stained a cool gray. Glass panel cabinets break up the monotony of closed cabinets.

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A modern kitchen with gray wood-finish joinery, undermount stainless steel sink, white granite benchtop and tiled backsplash. Transparent pendant lights complete the contemporary look.

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This contemporary open plan kitchen features cabinets with wood-effect doors. The same design is used on the kitchen island and complements the lighter timber on the open shelves and hardwood floors. Cream chairs around the island and neutral-colored sofa blends in well with the soothing palette.

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Chandelier (204)
Ceiling Fan (68)
Under Cabinet (4)
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