8849 Living Room Ideas

A living room, or a lounge, is a space that serves multiple purposes. Whether you are relaxing with family, entertaining guests or hanging out with friends, the living area is often the central space that brings people together.

Traditionally, the living room was the first room in which guests were received and entertained, which explains its air of formality and accompanying décor and furniture. Traditionally separate from the more informal family room, a living room would also host a display of more sophisticated items, such as heritage furniture, art pieces or an elaborate fireplace.

The key question to ask when decorating a living room is whether it is inviting enough. It is after all the first room a visitor is invited into, so it is important to ensure that there is comfortable seating and that furniture pieces don’t get in the way of traffic flow. One way of making space inviting is to include photos, art pieces or plants.

Some families choose to use their living room as a family room, due to space constraints or purely as a personal preference. If you choose to make the living room your go-to daily space, then it would be wise to put extra thought into the functional aspects of furniture, room layout and even storage options.

Traditional home office with brown-black panels, black fireplace, bookshelves, black French doors and solid timber desk. The cream chairs reflect the white treatment used in the design of the box beam ceiling.

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Yellow living room in a Colonial home, complete with double hung sash windows and accompanying valances, hardwood floors and patterned fabric sofa.

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Cape Cod beige living room with fireplace, hardwood floor, grand piano and classic fireplace.

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Colonial living room with marble fireplace surrounds, large windows and a neutral color palette.

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White and gray dining room with gorgeous hardwood floors add charm in a Colonial house that has been decorated in a contemporary style in the interior.

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Beautiful Mediterranean Spanish inspired living room with modern stained glass windows.

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Farmhouse loft with striped carpet and comfortable patterned sofa.

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Wood-paneled living room in a Farmhouse home with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Geometric print carpet injects a sense of contemporary style.

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Sapphire furniture match the pale blue living room walls in this Colonial Cape Cod home. The fireplace is kept simple with an understated white and blue palette.

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Living room with an easy breezy coastal theme, complete with rustic wood tile floors, teal sofa, light timber coffee table, textured ceiling and beach-themed canvas pictures.

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The dark timber beams stand out on the white canvas of the ceiling and matches the statement carvings on the timber fireplace surrounds. The traditional air of this room is complemented by neutral-colored furniture and a contemporary coffee table.

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Traditional living room fireplace with elaborate wood mantel and gray stone surrounds.

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Gorgeous traditional living room in white, with double volume windows, a piano at the side and a mirror above the fireplace. The wall detailing reaches the ceiling and mirrors the multi-paned windows above the doors.

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Blue fireplace with a slim dark stone border around it. The colors in the modern art piece above the fireplace complement the bold blue hue wonderfully.

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Traditional fireplace with warm timber and stone surrounds.

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Transitional living room with clean-lined fireplace boasting of timber and dark stone surrounds.

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Library in a Shingle-style Colonial home with full windows and lots of natural light.

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Matt gray fireplace with herringbone tile on the interiors provide a sculptural take on this transitional living room.

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Cape Cod living room with two-tone curtains, neutral textured rug, white sofa and white mantel. A black ottoman doubles as the coffee table and extra seating.

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Sunroom with cream and patterned furniture, a textured neutral colored rug and a sleek black ceiling fan.

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