2754 Mediterranean Spanish Home Ideas

Spanish style homes in the United States embrace many strands of influence from Mediterranean architecture, sometimes incorporating them into indigenous Indian styles to create new eclectic design forms. True Spanish colonial houses, the ones which were built during the colonial era of the 17th century, have largely disappeared, and the Spanish-inspired style that is seen now is called Spanish eclectic, or Spanish revival.

Spanish-inspired homes have a number of distinguishing features: stucco exterior walls, flat roofs or if they were shallow gable roofs – clay-tiled. And definitely a beautiful porch and porch supports, complete with decorative corbels. Wrought iron balcony balustrades and inset windows also mark some Spanish revival homes.

Beautiful dining and family room in an Italianate home that opens through to an expansive patio and ocean views.

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Mediterranean-style yellow home with pool shaped in a figure of 8. A stone walkway and a half wall runs along the side of the pool.

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With its stone walls, turret, balcony and grand symmetrical entryway, this Mediterranean Spanish holds a truly grand façade.

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French Colonial home with a mix of Mediterranean sensibilities. The different textures in this white family room – such as the white brick wall, knotted pine floor, wicker coffee table and beamed ceiling lend a homely touch to the space.

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Mediterranean Spanish house with white stucco on the upper parts of the walls and brick on the lower half.

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Contemporary backyard with swimming pool and well-kept lawn amid stone-paved paths.

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Long swimming pool in the backyard of a traditional Mediterranean-inspired mansion.

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Prairie and Contemporary styles cross to showcase the perfect open-plan patio with ocean views.

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Contemporary living room with gray fireplace surrounds, cream furniture and round glass coffee table.

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Colonial home with stone exterior and Neoclassical Greek Revival style porch.

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Outdoor living room with terracotta tile floors, a modern couch and patterned ottomans.

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Inspiration for a grand Colonial and Neoclassical Greek Revival home filled with lighting.

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Colonial home with Neoclassical Greek Revival style porch.

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Side profile of a Mediterranean Spanish home with characteristic red painted arches, stone exterior and tiled roof.

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Cape Cod beige living room with fireplace, hardwood floor, grand piano and classic fireplace.

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Cape Cod home with stone exterior and white portico.

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Brick Colonial home with dark gray shutters, a balcony with traditional white balusters and a portico.

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White and gray dining room with gorgeous hardwood floors add charm in a Colonial house that has been decorated in a contemporary style in the interior.

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Hanging art provides a focal point for this contemporary home office. There is also plenty of texture in the room – with a velvety dark gray sofa, flat-woven rug and indoor plants, making the space feel cozy.

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Basement and games room of a Mediterranean Spanish inspired home.

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House Exterior (1097)
Garden (642)
Living Room (502)
Bedroom (224)
Kitchen (211)
Bathroom (183)
Dining Room (152)
Backyard (116)
Swimming Pool (112)
Patio (106)
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Mediterranean/Spanish (2754)
Tudor (285)
Cape Cod (193)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (179)
Craftsman (137)
Contemporary (133)
Ranch (133)
Colonial (122)
Italianate (97)
Prairie (75)
Oriental (37)
Art Deco (25)
Log (22)
Pueblo Revival (21)
Farmhouse (17)
Victorian (17)
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Window (334)
Fireplace (257)
Countertop (207)
Stainless Steel (134)
Island (121)
Cabinet (109)
Bar (93)
Landscaping (88)
Table (84)
Siding (74)
Walkway (65)
Wood (65)
Furniture (48)
Courtyard (41)
Handrail (32)
Tile (29)
Brick (23)
Bathroom Accessory (16)
Driveway (14)
Billiard Table (11)
Curtain (11)
Sink (11)
Central AC (10)
Dock (6)
Fire pit (5)
Library (5)
Appliance (4)
Arch (4)
Couch (4)
Outdoor Furniture (4)
Shelves (4)
Baluster (3)
Bathtub (3)
Glass (3)
Sash Window (3)
Water Feature (3)
Bedding (2)
Gate (2)
Molding (2)
Tap (2)
Granite (1)
Mirror (1)
Plumbing (1)
Tableware (1)
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Hardwood (638)
Tile (365)
Carpet (202)


Beamed (136)
Vaulted (118)
High (75)
Skylight (29)
Coffered (14)


Natural (1057)
Chandelier (218)
Ceiling Fan (121)
Standard (61)
Under Cabinet (1)