259 Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Outdoor living rooms take dining and entertaining in the open one step further, with a setup that allows you to lounge for long periods outside. A patio, porch or courtyard usually provides the blank canvas you need for additional furnishings and comfortable furniture to transform a casual alfresco area into a living room. This is an especially suitable option for homeowners who live in a mild climate.

To make the leap from patio to living room, add cohesive layers of accessories. The details will enliven the space with a sense of coziness and ease. For example, add cushions of different texture on your sofa. The more comfortable and plush, the better. There is no rule that says that accessories outside the house should be made of a tougher material as long as you have sufficient shelter.

As with a living room indoors, your outdoor living room will benefit from having a feature piece. It could be a light fixture, sculpture, plant or even a vintage sign that blends in with the rest of the design style.

Lastly, keep the space comfortable by adding a fan or a fireplace. Invest also in good both task and mood lighting, which will be especially welcomed in the short winter days.

A wicker sofa with blue cushion seats provides a fabulous spot to lounge around on a sunny day while curtains along the side of this outdoor living room keep the glare out. Dark gray side tables complete the easy, breezy vibe.

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Three-piece brown wicker furniture with orange cushions inject a fresh breath of color to this outdoor living room. The timber decking matches the outdoor feel while the raised ceiling and traditional white columns surrounding the space maintains a formal living room air.

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Outdoor living room and patio in a French Colonial home, with turquoise and cream furniture, pendant lights and fans.

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White pillars with shoe molding, classic stone floors and beautiful cream sofa evoke a classic colonial feel. Green striped pillows and a standing lamp add to the charm of the space.

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Modern sunroom with honey-toned timber ceiling, dark grey stone floors and a suspended fireplace. Against the white walls and neutral-toned furniture, the black steel window frames portray a structural quality that emphasizes the contemporary feel of the room.

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Outdoor living room with stone floors, brick walls and traditional fireplace. Tan-colored armchairs and sofa blend in with the warm color scheme.

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Partially-covered patio space with gray pillars, a modular cream couch and coffee tables.

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Simple sunroom with mahogany wood floors, white walls, white tongue-and-groove ceiling and wrought iron furniture.

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Spacious covered patio with bluestone floor and graceful white columns. The space is surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

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Outdoor living room with a distinctively Mediterranean feel, thanks to the stone columns, arches, wrought iron armchairs and Mediterranean rug. The ceiling has been finished to with a glossy pine wood facade.

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Outdoor living room with terracotta tile floors, a modern couch and patterned ottomans.

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This cozy corner is the perfect spot for a combination of green wrought iron chairs and coffee table, to create an outdoor living area.

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Cozy Mediterranean Spanish patio with terracotta flooring and wrought iron furniture.

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Transitional porch with timber clad ceiling, bluestone floor and a set of cozy wicker furniture. The blue cushions add a touch of color to the space, and against the white French doors and rice walls, tie the various strands of tan and cream together.

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Vertical shiplap exterior walls, diagonally-laid timber planks and a wooden balustrade and rail create a warm atmosphere for entertaining. Black aluminium and brown rattan furniture make perfect seats while the red ottomans add a punch of color.

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A tan striped rug anchors this outdoor living room. The cream and brown sofa set with armchairs and ottomans create a homey feel to the space as a slim, transparent coffee table ensures comfortable circulation around the seats.

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Outdoor seating area with ebony floors, cobbled half wall, white columns, white wicker furniture and even a wicker rocking chair.

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Transitional sunroom with a neutral palette of brown, gray and white. Gray clapboard on half wall adds a touch of sophistication while the white beadboard ceiling and white window trim play up the airy brightness of the place. The large blue Moroccan patterned carpet anchors the wicker couch and table set, which is in perfect proportion to the rest of the space.

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The giant arched windows and tongue-and-groove ceiling are the key features of this cozy sunroom. The wooden coffee table and white wicker chairs with forest green cushions mirror the greenery that wraps around the room on the exterior.

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Sunroom with cream couches and sofa, matching nicely with the stone tiled floor and beige walls.

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