1859 Patio Ideas

A patio is a paved outdoor area adjoining the house and is often the go-to space for entertaining and relaxing. It is usually partially covered, if not fully sheltered, to provide relief from the sun and rain. Throw in a grill and fire pit and your guests can lounge around for hours on end comfortably!

When planning a patio remodel, it is important to think about how the space will be used. There will be a number of basic amenities that you should invest in, such as a grill, a picnic table and possibly a fire pit. The next step is to adapt them to your party contexts. Are you frequently hosting large parties, or do you prefer small and intimate gatherings? With the latter, a small fire pit may suffice. Your guests may take their children along, so putting in kid-friendly furniture and a nearby play area would be perfect for the little ones to have their own party while the grownups talk.

The materials you use for the patio will be an extension of the style you are after. With some designs, such as the Spanish-inspired look, stone, terracotta and hand-painted tiles are par for the course. With most houses, brick or slate will work well.

Wide decked patio in a Contemporary home, decorated with wicker furniture, a sculptural coffee table and dining table set at the far end.

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Gray wood-look tiles line the floor of this spacious balcony and blends in with the stone bench. A day bed is custom-built to wrap around a load-bearing pillar. Spotlights and a faux hedge complete the contemporary space.

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Balcony with a rustic beachy feel, complete with outdoor wooden decking, wicker armchairs, a square wooden coffee table and side table. The navy blue accent colors for the cushions and throw reflect the rustic beach theme.

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Outdoor living room with white modular sofa, flat woven carpet and light wood coffee table. A non-retractable awning provides shade.

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Outdoor living room with terracotta tile floors, a modern couch and patterned ottomans.

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Cozy Mediterranean Spanish patio with terracotta flooring and wrought iron furniture.

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Farmhouse porch with beautiful wooden decking and columns.

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Living room in a famous round Prairie house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Porch of a Colonial house with deck floor, haint blue ceiling and gray brick wall.

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Sunroom in a Mid-century Modern home, with era-appropriate Barcelona chairs.

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Wooden ceiling, wooden walls and large windows characterize this sunroom with breathtaking views. Red furniture add a punch of color.

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White shiplap cladding on the walls and an off-white tongue-and-groove ceiling contrast with the medium gray wooden decking to create a traditional veranda with an updated vibe. The stone pillars and bell jar lantern is a nod to rustic style.

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A wicker sofa with blue cushion seats provides a fabulous spot to lounge around on a sunny day while curtains along the side of this outdoor living room keep the glare out. Dark gray side tables complete the easy, breezy vibe.

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A white patio with pergola, white columns and natural stone flooring. A huge chandelier shines as the statement feature of the space, its rustic bronze rings complementing the rustic dining bench and blue chairs.

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White shiplap ceiling, timber floorboards and off-white clapboard walls create a canvas for an updated rustic feel. The covered patio is a step away from white French doors, where one can rest in antique wooden benches and a white rocking chair. Traditional wall scones and a ceiling fan with lights complete the homely look.

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The giant arched windows and tongue-and-groove ceiling are the key features of this cozy sunroom. The wooden coffee table and white wicker chairs with forest green cushions mirror the greenery that wraps around the room on the exterior.

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Three-piece brown wicker furniture with orange cushions inject a fresh breath of color to this outdoor living room. The timber decking matches the outdoor feel while the raised ceiling and traditional white columns surrounding the space maintains a formal living room air.

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White pillars with shoe molding, classic stone floors and beautiful cream sofa evoke a classic colonial feel. Green striped pillows and a standing lamp add to the charm of the space.

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Mid-century Modern home with its characteristic use of glass walls, pale floors and a beige recliner.

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This traditional patio has white columns that gives it its classic character. White garden furniture with light green upholstery is thrown into the mix with rattan chairs, a wooden coffee table and green side tables. A beige rug covers parts of the white timber floor, while a modern fan hangs from the haint blue ceiling. Potted ferns and plants reflect the surrounding natural environment.

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Patio (1859)
Deck (577)
Backyard (479)
Garden (359)
Porch (245)
Outdoor Living Room (177)
Balcony (89)
Living Room (65)
Outdoor Kitchen (54)
Swimming Pool (21)
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Cape Cod (367)
Contemporary (247)
Tudor (154)
Colonial (138)
Craftsman (124)
Victorian (107)
Mediterranean/Spanish (106)
Ranch (99)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (83)
Pueblo Revival (54)
Oriental (52)
Log (44)
Prairie (43)
Farmhouse (37)
Italianate (32)
Art Deco (9)
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Walkway (225)
Window (190)
Courtyard (111)
Table (80)
Furniture (68)
Siding (67)
Outdoor Furniture (66)
Handrail (55)
Fireplace (40)
Wood (37)
Landscaping (36)
Dock (22)
Fire pit (20)
Shade (10)
Baluster (9)
Brick (9)
Gate (9)
Hot Tub (7)
Bench (4)
Glass (4)
Driveway (3)
Tile (3)
Bar (2)
Central AC (2)
Columns (2)
Awning (1)
Countertop (1)
Stainless Steel (1)
Water Feature (1)
Window Blind (1)
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Hardwood (27)
Tile (14)
Carpet (10)


Beamed (17)
Vaulted (9)
High (4)
Skylight (2)


Ceiling Fan (75)
Natural (58)
Standard (14)
Chandelier (4)