2548 Ranch Home Ideas

The classic American Ranch is characterized by its sprawling footprint and earth-hugging profile, usually with a rectangular or L-shaped layout. Ranch homes have their roots in the Prairie style, the latter of which first saw homes with long, narrow and low elevation.

Ranch homes were meant to be simple and unfussy, hence their low-pitched gable roofs, deep set eaves, numerous double-hung or sliding windows and emphasis on backyard living rather than streetside appeal. As their popularity rose during the 1950’s era of mid-century modernism, many Ranch homes also incorporated the clean aesthetic of mid-century design.

Traditionally, Ranch homes were meant to be single-story homes. However, contemporary interpretations of the original style have resulted in variations such as the split-level Ranch style, and the raised Ranch style, which is a two-story Ranch home.

Prairie and Contemporary styles cross to showcase the perfect open-plan patio with ocean views.

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Outdoor living room with white modular sofa, flat woven carpet and light wood coffee table. A non-retractable awning provides shade.

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Side profile of a Mediterranean Spanish home with characteristic red painted arches, stone exterior and tiled roof.

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Gorgeously luxurious emerald green bathroom with matching shaker cabinets and wall scones. Light hardwood floors and white ceiling balance the green tones while natural light filters through the green slatted windows.

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Mediterranean Spanish home with stone exterior, tiled roof and red painted windows.

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Mediterranean Spanish home with red French doors that lead into the backyard.

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Matt gray fireplace with herringbone tile on the interiors provide a sculptural take on this transitional living room.

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Master bedroom in a country-style ranch house, with mint green walls, patterned curtains and warm wood furniture.

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Wood-paneled living and dining room in a Ranch home.

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Backyard of a Colonial house with interiors decorated in Tudor and Italianate style. A sculpture stands in the middle of the garden.

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Farmhouse home with Colonial and Italianate furnishing. Timber box beams and tongue-and-groove treatment lend textural interest to the ceiling, which balance the elaborate yellow walls and stone tile floors nicely.

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Stone-paved courtyard connects the two wings of this extensive Cape Cod home.

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Narrow light timber spiral staircase with an interesting helix structure. The unfussy balusters complement the graceful curves of the stair rail while the treads are kept simple in a dark matt finish.

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Bay window in a Colonial home overlooking the lawn.

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Neoclassical Greek Revival home with characteristic columns and pediment, as well as a flight of steps leading to the front porch.

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Home office in Cape Cod home with traditional touches, such as patterned valances, push armchairs and antique desk.

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Living room with white walls and a contemporary gray fireplace in a Mediterranean Spanish style home.

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Mediterranean Spanish home with stone exterior and tiled roof.

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Compact white bedroom in a Ranch home.

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Sunroom in a ranch, complete with wood-paneled ceiling and rustic furnishings.

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House Exterior (1046)
Garden (720)
Living Room (430)
Bedroom (225)
Kitchen (215)
Backyard (214)
Bathroom (172)
Dining Room (150)
Patio (99)
Foyer (75)
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Ranch (2548)
Cape Cod (569)
Contemporary (460)
Colonial (213)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (139)
Mediterranean/Spanish (133)
Victorian (91)
Tudor (89)
Craftsman (86)
Log (67)
Pueblo Revival (57)
Italianate (51)
Oriental (51)
Prairie (32)
Farmhouse (22)
Art Deco (4)
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Siding (384)
Window (284)
Fireplace (202)
Countertop (198)
Stainless Steel (154)
Landscaping (135)
Cabinet (109)
Island (106)
Walkway (73)
Wood (70)
Table (66)
Bar (60)
Brick (53)
Tile (35)
Bathroom Accessory (24)
Central AC (24)
Courtyard (23)
Handrail (22)
Furniture (21)
Driveway (18)
Sink (18)
Outdoor Furniture (10)
Fire pit (9)
Appliance (5)
Billiard Table (5)
Baluster (4)
Gate (4)
Plumbing (4)
Bedding (3)
Dock (3)
Hot Tub (3)
Library (3)
Shelves (3)
Stove (3)
Window Blind (3)
Sash Window (2)
Shade (2)
Tap (2)
Toilet Seat (2)
Awning (1)
Bathtub (1)
Curtain (1)
Glass (1)
Refrigerator (1)
Shower (1)
Water Feature (1)
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Hardwood (698)
Tile (234)
Carpet (167)


Vaulted (180)
Beamed (120)
High (51)
Skylight (41)
Coffered (3)


Natural (907)
Chandelier (146)
Ceiling Fan (112)
Standard (16)