3405 Tudor Home Ideas

Reminiscent of English medieval culture, Tudor homes in the United States are a re-creation of these quaint homes that were popular during the reign of the Tudors in 16th century England. Tudor homes have a wide range of sizes; they could be grand mansions or humble suburban homes. Despite their variance in size, they do have some unifying features, including decorative half timbering on the A-frame of cross gables, huge chimneys and tall, narrow windows. These homes were popular across many parts of the US, especially during the 1920s and 1930s.

One specific type of Tudor home is the Tudor Cottage, which has the characteristic look of a stone cottage you will find out of the pages of a story book. These have steeper rooflines compared to the Tudor house and often have cedar roofs that look like thatched roofs.

Mediterranean Spanish living room with large windows and white French doors.

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French Colonial home with a mix of Mediterranean sensibilities. The different textures in this white family room – such as the white brick wall, knotted pine floor, wicker coffee table and beamed ceiling lend a homely touch to the space.

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Colonial home with stone exterior and Neoclassical Greek Revival style porch.

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Outdoor living room with terracotta tile floors, a modern couch and patterned ottomans.

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Inspiration for a grand Colonial and Neoclassical Greek Revival home filled with lighting.

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Colonial home with Neoclassical Greek Revival style porch.

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The backyard and swimming pool of a beige Victorian and Colonial shingle home.

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The rolling lawns, swimming pool and backyard of a large Victorian and Colonial shingle home.

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A formal garden surrounding a circular driveway presents a pleasing welcome to this stately, traditional home. Low flowering shrubs create a pleasing mix of green, dotted with white and red foliage.

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A simple swimming pool in the backyard of a Dutch colonial home with Victorian styling.

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Victorian bathroom with blue and white wallpaper.

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Dutch Colonial house with light blue clapboard exterior.

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A Colonial house featuring a distinctively steep saltbox roofline stucco walls with half timbering and an entry door with a touch of Mediterranean Spanish influence.

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Dark brown clapboard exterior with multiple dormers and a portico.

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Traditional fireplace with warm timber and stone surrounds.

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Library in a Shingle-style Colonial home with full windows and lots of natural light.

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Italianate house with overhanging eaves and decorative corbels.

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Attic family room in a Contemporary Farmhouse, with light hardwood floors, low open cabinets and striped carpet.

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Cream stucco exterior with gray roof and brick chimney. Stone is used for the lower half of the turret and surrounds the flight of stairs as well.

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Backyard of a Colonial house with interiors decorated in Tudor and Italianate style.

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Living Room (906)
Garden (740)
House Exterior (727)
Bedroom (431)
Kitchen (383)
Bathroom (314)
Dining Room (262)
Backyard (189)
Foyer (162)
Patio (154)
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Tudor (3405)
Cape Cod (748)
Craftsman (399)
Contemporary (370)
Colonial (342)
Mediterranean/Spanish (285)
Pueblo Revival (139)
Prairie (102)
Ranch (89)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (87)
Victorian (78)
Log (72)
Italianate (68)
Oriental (67)
Art Deco (25)
Farmhouse (2)
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Window (490)
Fireplace (464)
Countertop (381)
Cabinet (248)
Stainless Steel (245)
Island (198)
Wood (153)
Landscaping (145)
Bar (140)
Siding (136)
Walkway (95)
Table (91)
Bathroom Accessory (69)
Brick (69)
Tile (63)
Furniture (48)
Handrail (43)
Sink (33)
Courtyard (28)
Library (13)
Driveway (10)
Shelves (10)
Fire pit (9)
Outdoor Furniture (9)
Baluster (8)
Central AC (8)
Dock (8)
Billiard Table (7)
Molding (6)
Appliance (5)
Curtain (5)
Tap (5)
Water Feature (5)
Arch (4)
Bedding (4)
Gate (3)
Shade (3)
Couch (2)
Hot Tub (2)
Plumbing (2)
Stove (2)
Toilet Seat (2)
Wardrobe (2)
Bathtub (1)
Bench (1)
Boat (1)
Glass (1)
Sash Window (1)
Window Blind (1)
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Hardwood (1367)
Tile (446)
Carpet (370)


Beamed (268)
Vaulted (243)
High (103)
Coffered (33)
Skylight (31)


Natural (1863)
Chandelier (335)
Ceiling Fan (180)
Standard (11)