3361 Tudor Home Ideas

Reminiscent of English medieval culture, Tudor homes in the United States are a re-creation of these quaint homes that were popular during the reign of the Tudors in 16th century England. Tudor homes have a wide range of sizes; they could be grand mansions or humble suburban homes. Despite their variance in size, they do have some unifying features, including decorative half timbering on the A-frame of cross gables, huge chimneys and tall, narrow windows. These homes were popular across many parts of the US, especially during the 1920s and 1930s.

One specific type of Tudor home is the Tudor Cottage, which has the characteristic look of a stone cottage you will find out of the pages of a story book. These have steeper rooflines compared to the Tudor house and often have cedar roofs that look like thatched roofs.

Victorian bathroom with blue and white wallpaper.

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Traditional fireplace with warm timber and stone surrounds.

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Library in a Shingle-style Colonial home with full windows and lots of natural light.

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Cape Cod living room with two-tone curtains, neutral textured rug, white sofa and white mantel. A black ottoman doubles as the coffee table and extra seating.

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Sunroom with cream and patterned furniture, a textured neutral colored rug and a sleek black ceiling fan.

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Log home with contemporary furnishings in its interiors.

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Tumbled stone fireplace with white molding on mantel, complementing the raw edge of the gray stone floors in this sunroom.

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Nantucket-inspired bathroom in a Craftsman home.

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Tudor home with a Contemporary interior design and furnishings, including this sunroom with huge black French windows.

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This traditional English Tudor home has a charming foyer that comes after its classic vestibule. The walls have been painted cream, and contrast with the wooden stairs, floorboards and ceiling beams.

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Taking a leaf from Italian classical style, this bathroom is finished with dark granite, dark stone tiles, warm timber cabinetry and patterned wallpaper. A decorative bust stands on the open rack while curtains are done up in Roman blind style.

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Traditional dining room with beautiful large windows dressed with floral-patterned valance and curtains. A large cream flatwoven rug subtly anchors the room. A pendant light hangs from the ceiling, which also has a medium-width crown molding and trim.

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This living room in a Tudor home boasts of a Contemporary design and furnishings.

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The blue coffered ceiling with white beams are the wow factor to this traditional dining room. The chandelier is appropriately slim, given the heft of the beams. The elaborate oriental rug pattern and dining set balances the drama of the ceiling.

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This elegant timber-clad staircase is the feature piece of the foyer, with its carved grid pattern mirroring the checkerboard design on the cream and tan floor. Huge French doors add to the drama of the place.

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A home office with a pleasing neutral color palette of green walls and cool brown cabinetry. A flatwoven rug in rice grounds the space effectively as breezy white curtains add a touch of softness to the home office.

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Partially-covered patio space with gray pillars, a modular cream couch and coffee tables.

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Various shades of purple, such as the plum sofa and dark violet rug, interplay to create a pleasing blend of color in this room. The strong eggplant purple on the room walls causes the white furniture – side tables, drawers, cabinet, table lamps and breezy curtains to stand out.

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Dining room with dark hardwood floor in a Colonial home, complete with an oval dining table, wooden sideboard, a chandelier and framed mirror.

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This dining room has a traditional fireplace and vintage painting, but its main feature is a bold brown trim along the ceiling that also outlines the wainscoting. Brown and white keeps the room contemporary, without detracting from the traditional flavor of the Tudor design.

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