1987 Victorian Home Ideas

The era of Victorian homes coincided with the Industrial age, which afforded for the first time, mass production of ornamental fittings such as brackets and trim. Victorian architecture isn’t one single style; it is instead an era of design that includes many styles, such as Italianate, Queen Anne, Folk Victorian and even Gothic revival. Naturally, the expressions of Victorian architecture also vary and are in some cases rather diverse, making it difficult to pinpoint specific materials or shapes that represent Victorian homes.

For example, low-pitched or flat roofs were characteristic of Italianate homes, which were popular during the start of the Victorian era. On the other hand, Queen Anne homes had towers, turrets and fairly high-pitched roofs. Nevertheless, the essence of Victorian houses lay in their elaborate wooden railings and posts, wood or stone exterior and tall profile.

Shiplap cladding and a mid-tone gray creates a strong masculine theme in this spacious bedroom. The rug at the foot of the bed scales the cavernous room to a more intimate size while providing textural interest.

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Cape Cod home incorporates a white and gray palette and materials such as marble and chrome to inject a sense of Victorian luxe to this open-plan kitchen, dining and family room.

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The backyard and swimming pool of a beige Victorian and Colonial shingle home.

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The rolling lawns, swimming pool and backyard of a large Victorian and Colonial shingle home.

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A formal garden surrounding a circular driveway presents a pleasing welcome to this stately, traditional home. Low flowering shrubs create a pleasing mix of green, dotted with white and red foliage.

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Inspiration for the backyard for a Colonial and Cape Cod home with Contemporary interiors.

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Colonial home with white clapboard exterior.

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Traditional home office with brown-black panels, black fireplace, bookshelves, black French doors and solid timber desk. The cream chairs reflect the white treatment used in the design of the box beam ceiling.

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White and gray dining room with gorgeous hardwood floors add charm in a Colonial house that has been decorated in a contemporary style in the interior.

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Hanging art provides a focal point for this contemporary home office. There is also plenty of texture in the room – with a velvety dark gray sofa, flat-woven rug and indoor plants, making the space feel cozy.

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This Southern Colonial has its characteristic wraparound porch and chimney at its side. The columns, pediments and turrets suggest incorporation of Neoclassical Greek and Victorian styles.

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Dining room in a Farmhouse, with an oversized oriental rug, modern pictures and simple pendant lights.

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Gray Farmhouse with generous front porch, white balusters and decorative pillars.

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Porch of a Colonial house with deck floor, haint blue ceiling and gray brick wall.

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Transitional living room with white wooden fireplace mantel and light stone surrounds.

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Charming Victorian home with gray exterior, curved porch roof, stone surrounds at the front door, and copper guttering outlining its form.

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Colonial house with dark gray Dutch gambrel roof, white clapboard exterior and wraparound loggia.

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Living room in a Tudor-Colonial house decorated in Victorian style.

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This compact bathroom in a Victorian home has a wall of porcelain tiles which interestingly incorporates a picture in its design.

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Victorian home with elements of Tudor style seen in its contemporary Tudor arch over the front door.

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Living Room (544)
Garden (442)
House Exterior (418)
Bedroom (233)
Kitchen (216)
Bathroom (185)
Dining Room (160)
Backyard (115)
Patio (107)
Foyer (105)
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Victorian (1987)
Cape Cod (749)
Contemporary (212)
Craftsman (192)
Neoclassical/Greek Revival (130)
Ranch (91)
Colonial (80)
Tudor (78)
Farmhouse (63)
Italianate (62)
Log (55)
Oriental (36)
Prairie (21)
Mediterranean/Spanish (17)
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Window (333)
Fireplace (271)
Countertop (205)
Siding (156)
Stainless Steel (141)
Cabinet (128)
Island (121)
Wood (96)
Landscaping (80)
Table (77)
Bar (76)
Furniture (48)
Walkway (45)
Handrail (38)
Tile (37)
Brick (36)
Bathroom Accessory (29)
Sink (15)
Central AC (11)
Baluster (9)
Billiard Table (9)
Courtyard (8)
Bedding (7)
Shelves (7)
Columns (6)
Molding (6)
Outdoor Furniture (6)
Appliance (4)
Arch (4)
Driveway (4)
Library (4)
Couch (3)
Tap (3)
Bathtub (2)
Curtain (2)
Fire pit (2)
Plumbing (2)
Toilet Seat (2)
Water Feature (2)
Bench (1)
Glass (1)
Window Blind (1)
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Hardwood (808)
Tile (260)
Carpet (195)


Vaulted (123)
Beamed (108)
High (62)
Skylight (21)
Coffered (19)


Natural (1068)
Chandelier (171)
Ceiling Fan (135)
Standard (6)