858 Home Ideas With Walkway

The addition of a well-tended walkway not only acts as an inviting scene-setter to your home but also adds heaps of curb appeal instantly. It is an important part of the profile of your home and thankfully one that will last you many years without demanding major upkeep.

Picking a suitable material for your walkway will depend on the design of your. Brick in patterned style has a formal, traditional feel and would complement the relatively ornate architectural detail in large period houses, while the handmade feel of cobblestone and pavers are a perfect addition to cottage-feel designs.

Slate is an excellent and cost-effective option that saddles contemporary and traditional designs with equal ease. To complement a more modern look, you might choose to have the slate custom-cut into clean squares to mirror the unfussy façade of modern homes. Concrete pavers are also a popular option where clean lines are the order of the day.

Consider also the shape of your pathway. A straight path would be easiest to put in place whereas a winding path has the homely charm of a quiet abode, even with large houses. Whichever pattern you are comfortable with, be sure to have it well-lit especially if it is narrow or especially long.

Stone-paved courtyard connects the two wings of this extensive Cape Cod home.

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Lush lawn and low hedges run along either side of the paved walkway. The garden is a mix of trees and evergreen shrubbery.

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Contemporary brick home with asymmetrical façade, overhanging portico and steep sloping roof.

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Stately Georgian Colonial house with red brick exterior, black and white windows, and black metal balustrade bordering the ground floor veranda. The exterior of the house is also highly decorative with a small fountain, garden hedge, and sculpture under an arched doorway.

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Lush greenery flank the sides of the entrance pathway to the home. The house is quaint and charming with its stone walls and shingled siding, with a well-kept garden of flowering and leafy plants.

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Recessed portico with black painted sides that have the effect of directing the eye to the detailed glass door.

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With a home as grand as this Georgian brick house, only the prettiest white flowers would complement the detailed white portico and white and gray windows. The herringbone brick pathway is flanked by trimmed hedges.

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A mix of stiff hedges, leafy bushes and potted plants create a welcoming feel around the stone pathway. On the white portico stands more potted plants in yellow and dark purple leaves, which add a touch of color to the green landscape.

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Gray natural stone steps lead up to this front porch, which has the same stone floor from the steps. Four white columns serve to support the curved balcony with traditional balusters. Wall scones on either side of the gray front door serve to emphasize symmetry in this formal porch.

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Tudor And Cape Cod Beige And Grey House Exterior, Garden, Backyard And Patio With Landscaping And Walkway

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Tudor, Colonial And Cape Cod Grey House Exterior And Porch With Window, Landscaping, Walkway And Courtyard

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Tudor And Mediterranean Spanish Green, Brown And Grey Garden And Backyard With Landscaping And Walkway

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Cape Cod Garden With Landscaping, Walkway And Driveway

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Brown And Grey Garden And Backyard Idea With Landscaping, Walkway And Courtyard

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Colonial Garden, Backyard And Patio With Landscaping, Walkway And Courtyard

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Cape Cod And Oriental Brown And White Patio And Deck With Landscaping And Walkway

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Cape Cod And Oriental Green Garden And Backyard With Landscaping And Walkway

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Colonial And Cape Cod Brown And Grey Garden And Backyard With Landscaping And Walkway

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Farmhouse Brown And Grey Garden With Walkway And Cobblestone

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Craftsman And Cape Cod Brown Garden And Backyard With Landscaping, Walkway And Courtyard And Ceiling Fan Lighting

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