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With a cruel smile, Gao Lingyu said, “Will you say something?” Jin Zhentian has never been questioned in this tone. But the time is different, to their own weight, usually can brag, in the critical moment of life and death can not deceive themselves? “Boy,” said Jin Zhentian, “your hands and feet are quick.” “Don’t grind your teeth with me,” said Gao Lingyu. “If you don’t say anything, I’ll pick your gourd ladle.” Jin Zhentian said with a sneer, “Before Grandfather Wei was given death, your father was unstable. You don’t know the harshness of this organization. Once you find out that anyone has a different ambition, you will never hesitate to be lenient..” “Who are the snipers?” Asked Gao Lingyu? You have a share? “That’s a big secret,” said Jin Zhentian. “I don’t deserve to hear it.” “There must be your son Jin Xu,” said Gao Lingyu coldly. “I don’t know..” said Jin Zhentian. Gao Lingyu said, “Old bastard, do you want to die or take me to find Jin Xu obediently?” Jin Zhentian said, “Although my body is not flexible!”! But it is not convenient to take you to him, because he has great style and high status. “So you want to exercise your muscles and bones?” Asked Gao Lingyu. “Boy,” said Jin Zhentian, “the’White Bone Heartbroken Knife ‘is famous in Wulin. I didn’t believe it before, but now I have to believe it. However, for the sake of a little undeserved reputation, I still have to sacrifice my life to accompany him. “What if we lose?” Asked Gao Lingyu. Jin Zhentian said with a wry smile, “Then I can only ask you to escort me.”! In front of his son, the old man could not stand up,interactive panel board, so there was no place to put his face: “Jin Zhentian took a big bundle from the wall, which showed that he seldom used weapons.”. The son status is high, who does not open the eye to dare to move the gold old daddy’s idea? His weapon is actually a pair of dragon and tiger rings. “Jin Zhentian,” said Gao Lingyu, “if I defeat you with my bare hands, tell me where Jin Xu lives.” Jin Zhentian was stupefied. “Bare-handed?” He asked. “Exactly,” said Gao Lingyu. Jin Zhentian gritted his teeth for a moment and then sighed, “That’s all right, that’s all right. You’re going to eat me up.”. As the saying goes,65 inch touch screen, a superior skill can crush people to death. All right. Anyway, the old man is not imposing. Then.. Double rings- ‘wrong, up three rings, down three rings, up and down left and right in one breath is fifteen rings. Time is small, so it is natural to fight closely. With these two hands to deal with ordinary Wulin characters, it is very likely that the opponent will make a fool of himself within 32 strokes! But Gao Lingyu’s posture and footwork are unique. In the whole martial arts world, almost only one martial art is his opponent. Under the smash, sweep and jostle of the double ring, he turns, bounces, rolls and jumps, sometimes curls up into a human ball, sometimes twists into a twist, or sucks his chest and turns into a flat man, like a piece of paper or a balloon, floating and turning with the wind in the whirlpool of the double ring. After about twenty-seven or twenty-eight strokes, Jin Zhentian sobbed in his voice and used his strength to perform what he thought was a proud move. In the past, touch screen whiteboard ,smart boards for conference rooms, I used these moves to get through five passes. But all of a sudden a hand came. This hand is like a long eye, pressing on the steel ring of his left hand, “when”, the double ring force hit, the tiger’s mouth almost cracked, the double ring flew out of the hand. The figure flashed, and the double ring was already in the hands of the other side. In addition to the sound of the golden cow panting, the needle can be heard in the room. He had almost come to the point where he did not believe that there was such a martial art in the world. “If you’re still not convinced..” said Gao Lingyu. Jin Zhentian shook his hand again and again and said, “Well, well!”! I admit defeat. It seems that I will have bad luck if I take you there, and I will have bad luck if I don’t take you there. Then let’s go! Gao, how did you learn this martial art? “Old bastard,” said Gao Lingyu, “I’ll give you Shuanghuan back. Where does Jin Xu live?” Jin Zhentian approached to meet Shuanghuan and said, “About twenty miles west from here, a courtyard bigger than Tiejiapu is..” Jin Zhentian flashed three times and fell into Gao Lingyu’s arms. He touched his acupoint and put him in the big box. Gao Lingyu was very impressed by Tie Meixin, because this big box was very useful. With a lock, he got a carriage and galloped west. Not long ago, he also crouched in this big box. It’s just that Tiemeixin’s way of helping is a bit excessive, ha! The “white bone and heartbroken knife” was packed in a big box for an hour. People who often “pass five passes” will occasionally “go to Maicheng”. However, when he recalled that in Tiemeixin’s boudoir, he would not be able to grab her, the left hand was envied by the hand, and the lips enjoyed it unprecedentedly. In a trance, he was not on the sedan chair but on the clouds. Jin Xu’s residence is really magnificent, these expenses are not all the people’s fat and ointment? Even the private residence of a county governor who was a Jinshi and had worked in the compilation of the Hanlin Academy did not have such a large party, even the magistrate was no exception. And Jin Xu is just the egg-winged running dog of Wei Zhongxian. It was the fourth watch, and the animal ring on the gate was under the light knock, and the sound was great. Not long after, someone inside the door asked, “It’s so late!”! Who knocked at the door? “I’m coming down from Tiejiapu,” said Gao Lingyu. “I have an urgent matter to see Master Jin. Please let me know..” With a clatter, a gold ingot was thrown through the wall. Perhaps this gold ingot had a function. The man inside the door said, “Please wait a moment. The host usually doesn’t see guests at this time.”. What’s your last name? Gao Lingyu changed his mind and said, “I’m from Jinling..” Just say the place, and at the end of the general name, the people inside the door turned around and went inside to inform. About two cups of tea, the man inside the door said, “Thank you for waiting..” When the gate opened, he saw a big box in the car and hurried forward to carry it up and lead the way in. The character Gao Ling was introduced into the Warm Pavilion. Not long after, a middle-aged scribe came and said, “Brother, are you from Tiejiapu?” “I’m from Jinling,” said Gao Lingyu. “I’m staying at Tiejiapu..” “Your name is..” said the middle-aged scribe. “I’m getting off in the air,” said Gao Ling. The middle-aged scribe looked up and down and said, “What is Master Che doing here late at night?” Gao Lingyu said, “With the secret order from above, I have sent you a box of things..” “I don’t know what it is,” said the scribe. “It’s confidential,” said Gao Lingyu. “You can’t open the box without seeing Master Jin Xu.” “I’m a confidant of Master Jin,” said the scribe. “Any secret of Master Jin, no matter how big or small, can be shared..” “In that case,” said Gao Lingyu, “it’s all right for me to open it and let my brother have a look. The Lord of the Iron Castle said that this is a box of rare treasures, which will be used as funds for the organization’s activities.” He opened the lock,smart board touch screen, lifted the lid, and the scribe took a sharp step back, exclaiming:.