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3-in-1 Classifieds Affiliate Program

25% Commissions - 50% Banners - 50% Co-Branding

Do you have your own website? Would you like to provide your visitors with a high-traffic classifieds service, and earn money, traffic, and branding at the same time? If so, you should partner the leading online classifieds site -- Adpost.com. Be part of the most rewarding classifieds affiliate program on the Internet!

Why Join?

  • Adpost.com is one of the most successful classifieds sites on the Internet.
  • Instantly create your very own content-rich Adpost for free.
  • You will earn money and traffic while strengthening your brand!

25% Commissions

Receive 25% Commissions for sales of products and services through your Affiliate site. You get paid every time your visitor purchases. And this commission is actually more than 50% of our net profits after taking into account hosting and other operational expenses!
We offer many information products and services: Priority Ranking Ads @ US$9.99, Highlighting Ads @ US$9.99, Section-Wide Targeting Ads @ US$9.99, Country-Wide Targeting Ads @ US$9.99, Featured Ads @ US$49.95 - US$99.95, and How to Write Million Dollar Ads E-Book @ US$39.95. All of them are highly relevant to someone visiting a classifieds site, and they are very popular with our own visitors.
We pay 25% Commissions through reputable online banking service, ClickBank
What if some of your visitors don't buy? Webmasters know for a fact that conversion ratios on the web are generally in the range of 1-2%. Many other Affiliate Programs do not reward webmasters for those visitors that don't buy. That's where we come in with the next offer...

50% Banners

Have 50% of premium Top-Of-The-Page Banner impressions on your Affiliate site allocated back to you. For example, if you have 100,000 page views on your Affiliate site per month, your Top-Of-The-Page Banner will be displayed 50,000 times! To qualify for this, all you have to do is enter your Banner code in your Affiliate account.

Track your Affiliate statistics online by the hour, day, or month, through our Affiliate Manager
Your visitors will browse through the classified ads, post ads, and reply to ads. What's more, many of them will be continuously engaged when others reply to their ads or messages, and when they receive autoresponders which lead them back to your Affiliate site. All this while, we share Top-Of-The-Page advertising space with you!
In fact, with over 30,000,000 views a month and growing on our site alone, there is a lot of interaction that will keep your visitors engaged. So, each visitor you send to your Affiliate site multiplies your Banners allocation many times! The best part is that all this while, your visitors only see your Affiliate site, not us. Because we offer...

50% Co-Branding

Brand your Affiliate site as you wish! If you have your own website, you should name your Affiliate site similarly, and link from your website to your Affiliate site. This is a very effective way to increase your site stickiness and to build brand credibility.
From your website http://www.yourbrand.com, offer your visitors use of YourBrand's Adpost at http://yourbrand.adpost.com. If your visitors are targeted, you can even limit them to see only specific segments that they are interested in. In addition, choose your Affiliate site's color scheme to match your own.
Brand your Affiliate site with your own name, color scheme, and specific targeting
Whether your website is a personal homepage, small business, or corporate website, you can extend your site offerings with a targeted classifieds service. In addition, we place your website hyperlink (http://www.yourbrand.com) prominently on the left navigation bar so that your visitors can click back to your website when they are done with the classifieds. We also remove "Affiliate Program" links from your affiliate site so that they do not distract your visitors.
Sign up as an Affiliate, and have your own Adpost up-and-running in under 5 minutes. Build your site stickiness and brand credibility for FREE, while earning 25% Commissions and 50% Banners!
(note: you will need to login to your regular Adpost account to sign up for the Affiliate account. If you are a new user and do not have a regular Adpost account, you can register for a free one after clicking the above link.)

Hear what our Affiliates have to Say

" Your affiliate program is just absolutely STELLAR! I have been recommending Adpost and your affiliate program to everyone I know that has a website! I have had more results benefiting my webhosting website from Adpost in 3 days than I have from a prominent competitor of yours in 6 months! Your support team is terrific also, from accepting suggestions to improving the service right down to customizing my affiliate site to fit in and complement my webhosting business! Any Webmaster who is not taking advantage of Adpost's affiliate program is surely missing out in my opinion! Thanks guys! "

Charles T Brown Of
DoneRite Hosting Solutions
Affiliate URL: http://drhsclassifieds.adpost.com

Be A Part of One of the Largest Classifieds Network Today!

You can rely on Adpost being one of the largest classifieds websites on the Internet today. We offer you a critical mass for your own Affiliate classifieds site - afterall, what's the use of posting a classified ad to a limited audience?
" Top 10 Classifieds, as categorized by Yahoo!.. "   more on Yahoo! ranking
" Top 10,000 Website Ranking - way above many other classifieds!.. "   more on Alexa/Amazon ranking
" Over 60,000 visitors a day.. More than 30,000,000 page views a month!.. "   view statistics
Increase the credibility of your site by extending our high quality classifieds service to your visitors. Leverage on our huge visitor base, high performance server, and optimized software solutions, without all the typical system administration and technical hassles of setting up a new website service. We'll take care of all that when you .

Act Now Before your URL is Taken!

There is only one http://yourbrand.adpost.com URL, and once it is taken, you will not have a second chance! You need to sign up now to secure your own Affiliate site.
Once you have signed up, all you need to do is to drive traffic to your Affiliate site, and we'll do the rest of the work. We'll show you how to promote your Affiliate links, which are available in text, banner, classified ad, and pop-under formats. You will also be given full access to all your detailed Affiliate statistics.

(note: you will need to login to your regular Adpost account to sign up for the Affiliate account. If you are a new user and do not have a regular Adpost account, you can register for a free one after clicking the above link.)


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