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Hate. Of course, but now that you accept the reality, hate becomes superfluous, because this is your own choice, the consequences should be your own to bear, I do not have so much sympathy to sympathize with you, and I am not the party concerned, who can know your old past twists and turns. You prepare yourself, these are the things you need to go to school, and someone will come to pick them up in ten days. “Then he put the things in his hands on the table, gave me a hard look and then got up and left.”. Alas. Poor woman! Chapter 3 This girl’s body is about 10 years old. Because I don’t inherit the memory of this body, I can’t know who I am. Fortunately, this body is female. It’s really hard to accept if I become a man. My mouth was dry. I went to the table and picked up the old teapot and put it into my mouth. I couldn’t help it. The only cup was broken. It had just been broken by the woman, and the body was lying on the ground to rest silently. Empty I shook the teapot in frustration. Then look at this room, a shabby wooden bed, hanging a shabby curtain, a table, an old wooden box slanting in the corner, a teapot on the table, gone.. Looking at this huge room,<a href=””>ultrasonic spray nozzle</a>, I can understand what is called bare walls. Holding up the broken door, a cool breeze blew, it should be autumn, fortunately not winter, otherwise I would not be frozen to death with this thin dress on my body. Walking out of the door, I saw a small yard surrounded by a fence, which was covered with weeds. I thought the owner here should not have cleaned it for a long time. Looking ahead, there were only some old trees standing on the open ground without any rules. There was not even a person. Where on earth was this? I froze.. A fence,<a href=””>sonicator homogenizer</a>, two huts, the book describes a good place to escape from the world, a place where hermits love to stay, really here, at a glance, no human habitation, really like it. Although it was already noon, I still felt a lingering fear at the thought of what had happened to me in this room before, and I couldn’t help shivering. I sat on the ground, trying to cry without tears, raised my hand and pressed my temple hard, searching for my location with my eyes. Staying in such a place, I had no skills. Looking at the woman’s dress just now, it should be ancient times, <a href=””>ultrasonic dispersion machine</a> ,<a href=””>ultrasonic handheld welder</a>, but can my modern bookkeeping method be used? How can I live? “Ah.” I screamed loudly. God, your joke is too big. I’m just saying. You really can’t wake me up. I sat on the threshold and thought about what had happened to me. The first thing I can be sure of is that I have traveled through time and space, and it should be the legendary “soul wear”. But which Dynasty did I wear it? People wear either Miss or Gege, or even a child with a father or mother, but I have nothing, not to mention paupers, there is a guy who sees me as a thorn in the flesh staring at me, ah. I’m going crazy. By the way, my head flashed and I went to sleep. Yes, I fell asleep, and of course I could go back to sleep. I seemed to say before, “I really want to sleep like this so that I don’t have to wake up and face tomorrow’s work.” Now I can say, “wake me up, I have to go to work.”. After thinking about it, I quickly got up from the ground. Dear bed, I’m here, please take me home. Hungry I lay in bed listening to the rumbling of my stomach. I didn’t even have the strength to get up. My eyes were staring at the beams. How long have I slept? How long has this body not eaten? Why can’t I go back? Don’t let me starve to death here. God.. Please help me. Biting the only sweet potato that can be called food in my mouth and looking at the place that can be called kitchen in front of me, I am speechless again. This family is too innocent. I really want to cry. Poor. The word “poor” is really poor. There is nothing in this pot except two raw sweet potatoes. In such a place where candles are used, I dare not think about gas, but there is no grass for fire in the kitchen. Not that bad Fortunately, there is a fire fold, think about the past TV series really did not see in vain, know that in this backward place there is this existence.

Not that bad Fortunately, there is a well in the yard, so I didn’t die of thirst here. Biting the sweet potato in my hand, I went to the house to see what the people had left for me. Maybe there was the name of this body on it. I prayed that God would let me understand the words here. I didn’t want to be illiterate. I could understand the language here, and I should also know the words here. With a sweet potato in his mouth, he opened the things on the table with both hands, the four treasures of the study. Yes, I have learned a little. At least the posture of holding the pen is right, although some of the words can not be seen. There are two sets of clothes, which should be school uniforms. I picked up the clothes and made a gesture on my body. It was really fun. The style was very simple, and the belt was tied. I had taken pictures of ancient costumes before, and I had studied fashion design. I had finished a few finished clothes. Although I had put them down for many years, it was not very difficult to put them on. But how is it a man? Is it difficult for that person to make a fool of me on purpose? No, in this era, women can also go to school. Is it difficult for this to be a world of equality between men and women? If so, it would be the best. Accustomed to freedom and equality, I can’t stand to stay in a place without human rights. There are books, ah, open the first page, the only redeeming feature of this body is that the eyes are very good, see things very clearly, should be the standard 1.5, if you wear back to bring back this pair of eyes how good ah,<a href=””>ultrasonic cutting machine</a>, who let me be a 500 degree myopia before? Hey, hey. The heart is too black, a little self-criticism. <a href=””></a&gt;

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