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Mo Li listened to some trance, then just imaginary, there is already a feeling of surging. Is it not for self-interest, but only for the tribe to continue to survive in that barbaric era? “Although I have adapted to the present life and think that the necessary cunning is very useful, I yearn for that kind of life.” He sighed and said, “If I had lived at that time, perhaps life would not have been so painful.”? Just like a memory.. And they are all happy. “Well, you do deserve to live at that time.” Different classes, the Yellow Emperor can clearly see the strength of Mo Li, absolutely not under the general gods and demons. So what do you want to ask me? Now that Chiyou’s whereabouts have been told to you, you should have nothing else to know now. “Yes, fighting Chiyou is my only wish now, but I still want to know the whereabouts of Xing Tian and Feng Hou. You know these two people, don’t you?” The Yellow Emperor nodded his body: “Although very thin, but you have the taste of Xing Tian, there must be a deep connection between you.” “The smell of Xing Tian?”? I see. Mo Li shook his head: “I’m afraid I can’t help you, because I can’t help myself.”. Half of my soul is not in me, and has been lent by the wind queen to support their present residence. “Support?”? Strangely, Xing Tian should not use the human soul as his own help. The Yellow Emperor came around and put his hand on Mo Li’s shoulder. “Don’t resist.” Don’t resist? Difficult point, who knows these ancient demons are not head problems, while he is not paying attention to him? But Mo Li still tries to relax his body,<a href=””>face detection android</a>, just pay attention to the movements of the Yellow Emperor, in case there is an immediate counterattack. Sure enough, half of the soul is missing. And the other half is badly damaged. The Yellow Emperor let go of his hand and said, “What serious injuries have you suffered?”? Not only the soul, but also the body is weak. “But I don’t feel it.” Mo Li is a little strange, after the resurrection, that is, because of the loss of half of the soul occasionally trance,<a href=””>thermal imaging camera</a>, but the body is good ah, the previous strength is also in. By the time you feel it, it will be too late, and your body will definitely fall apart and turn into powder. The Yellow Emperor sat down again and said with relief, “Fortunately, you only have half of your soul now, and your body doesn’t have to bear such a strong load to support it all the time.”. It seems that the wind queen knows this and will borrow half of your soul. “You mean he doesn’t want me to die for no reason, but he borrows half of my soul to protect me?” Mo Li asked in surprise. That’s exactly it. “This..?” From the very beginning, the wind queen appeared in a gesture of mutually beneficial cooperation with them, and also used her soul and Yun Tianqing’s injury as a restraint. It never occurred to him that this demon God would have the mind to protect them. I wonder if there is something wrong with the wind queen? He has been a very gentle child from the past. The Yellow Emperor said, “He must have his intention to cooperate with you, and he will never do you any harm. Why don’t you go back and have a look?” “Well, I’ll find a chance to ask him.” Such a strange fact broke their previous way of thinking, of course, <a href=””>interactive kiosk price</a> ,<a href=””>temperature check kiosk</a>, to ask, so Mo Li agreed to come down. How about I join you? The Yellow Emperor suddenly said. Eh? Mo Li opened his eyes wide and said, “Lord Huangdi, are you kidding?”? Don’t say that your identity will bring us trouble, just say that Chonglou, as a Demon, will not go all the way with you. “That’s right, I’m abrupt.” The Yellow Emperor got up and said, “Well, maybe I will come to you later. Maybe I can learn something from you that I didn’t know before but I want to know.”. And not only you, but also your companions, I am very interested. He turned into a breeze and disappeared from Mo Li’s face. Mo Li frowned tightly, interest? It’s not a good thing to be taken in by this kind of person. Just thinking about it, there was a sudden commotion below. Looking down, I found that two people had only had a small quarrel, but now they had developed into a group of people cutting each other with kitchen knives and hoes. Looking up at the dark sky and the blocked sunshine, Mo Li sighed and went back to his room in Chonglou.

What is the world going to be like? After seeing everyone off, Qionghua suddenly quieted down, and everything was deserted except the disciples who were patrolling silently. Murong Ziying walked around and found that most of the disciples who did not work in shifts were practicing, and a few had fallen asleep. In particular, the headmaster and several current elders have begun to retreat. Qionghua is now like this, and she is worthy of her ancestors. Jingtian walked beside Murong Ziying and looked at his happy face. Yes, now Qionghua is a real school, not arrogant and impetuous, self-cultivation and integrity. Murong Ziying turned and said, “You..” I don’t know what to call you now, mirror or Sedum. “I don’t know, I want to be reincarnated into what is called, but your words, or more used to call me mirror?” It has nothing to do with the time spent together and the degree of familiarity. In the life of the mirror, there are too many profound things he has experienced. Then this life is Jingtian, as you call it. Murong Ziying said, “Jingtian, is this also related to the divine world?”? Aren’t you going to go back? With your present ability, you should be able to go back. “Yes, but I don’t want to go back, after all, the memory of that place is too long, and to be honest, there is really no value for me to go back.” Far away, I am not very impressed with the pavilions and pavilions there, not even as deep as Qionghua, and there is no. He glanced at Murong Ziying. I don’t trust the outside. Murong Ziying sighed, “Now I’m sticking here in Qionghua, but nothing has happened.”. But outside. I can’t sit still when I think about what it’s going to be like outside now. Now Murong Ziying will rarely have such a restless expression, people say that care is chaotic, he is concerned about other people who have nothing to do with themselves. Sure enough,<a href=””>digital signage screen</a>, no matter how long a person has passed, his character will not change, just like his compassion. <a href=””></a&gt;

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