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Welcome to the RECHARGELIFE Adpost Help Center. If you need more help on a specific topic, please choose the appropriate topic from the list below.

General Information

General Information

Browsing and Searching Ads

How To--Browse Ads
How To--Search For Ads By Subcategory
How To--Search For Ads By Keywords
How To--Search For Ads Using the Keyword Search form
How To--Search For Ads Using the Advanced Search form

Posting New Ads

How To--Post A New Ad

Editing Ads

How To--Modify Ads
How To--Delete Ads
How To--Renew Ads
How To--Add or Change Photos & Other Files

User Registration

How To--Register to Use the System
How To--Update Your User Profile

Other System Features

How To--Place Ads on Your Checklist
How To--Set up a search agent using Auto-Notify
How To--Reply to Ads
How To--Send Ads to a Friend
How To--Notify the Admin of Offensive Ads

Payment Information

How To--Pay for Fee-Based Options